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Juicy J twerk scholarship

Sissela Murav

a potential contest winner twerks for Juicy J at show

$50,000 to the best ass-shaker


Juicy J, rapper from the now-separated rap group three 6 Mafia, is undeniably a humanitarian–a philanthropist, even. He is now willing to offer $50,000 to any 18-25 year old college student who best displays their twerking skills. If you haven’t heard, to “twerk” is to bend over, ass-facing forward, and proceed to jiggle-shake or pop one’s hindquarters.

To win the coveted prize, the girl must create a YouTube video demonstrating their “assets and creativity.” In other words, how well they can suspend themselves upside-down while still managing to pop their butts up and down.

All butts aside, applicants must be enrolled in a 2-4 year college or university, and will be judged by peers—fans will vote for the top ten videos, and our benevolent benefactor will then choose from among those lucky few.

Collaborating with Juicy J on his rear-ended endeavor is World Star Hip-Hop, who are so accurate in saying: “As a staunch supporter of education and women in general, Juicy J is committed to improving the opportunities in higher learning.”

Or, as he would say, “Spin around the pole while you’re doing splits/by the end of the night might earn you a scholarship.” Juicy J, maestro of rhyme and magnanimity. 

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