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Young Rangers Fan a Hero for Pimps

Kidman Williams

 So, I believe that everyone has seen the video from the Texas Rangers versus the Toronto Blue Jays game on Saturday.  We all saw the young p – i – m – p that caught the ball that Blue Jays 3rd base coach, Luis Rivera threw to him.  We saw the little lady killer hold the game ball in his glove and hand a different ball to the very attractive older woman while keeping the trophy all to himself.  This was a move that would even make Ice T himself clap his hands and fall back in his chair laughing with joy and pride for a fellow pimp.

What has yet to be addressed is the way that the sportscasters and all of the social media hounds ruthlessly cockblocked the poor young man.  These heartless sports journalists and social media scavengers just told everybody that the young teenage boy’s sweet gesture that would have taken this girl’s self-esteem through the roof and would have given her a great story for years to come, was nothing more than a seedy ploy to tug at the beautiful girl’s heartstrings.

If everyone would have just left the whole thing alone and simply chuckled to themselves, that boy could have had a real chance.  He might have been able to at least get a pity kiss, maybe.  Instead, the sportscasters themselves not only called the boy out, but then replayed the pimp-play several times.  This is what true players call haters.
As journalists we have a certain amount of responsibility to seeking out the truth and calling out people when they are lying, however when it comes to the game (much like top secret military tactics) you have a different kind of responsibility.  That is to uphold the bro-codes and let go of those hater instincts.

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