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WrestleMania 40 – The Highlights

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WrestleMania 40 - The Highlights

WrestleMania 40 captivated audiences not just with its in-ring action but also through its commitment to inclusivity, donating all YouTube revenue and Super Chat money to Culture City for creating sensory-inclusive experiences for neurodivergent fans. The event marked a pivotal shift, showcased through Stephanie McMahon’s opening speech that transitioned WWE from her father’s era to the Paul Levesque era, signaling new beginnings.

In this article, we delve into the event, highlighting the most memorable matches and performances that left an indelible mark on viewers. Moreover, we look into the impactful moments outside the ring and explores the legacy of what might be one of the most transformative WrestleManias to date.

Historic Highlights and Surprises

WrestleMania 40 dazzled fans with historic highlights and surprises that will be remembered for years to come. Key moments included:

  • Cody Rhodes’ Triumph: Cody Rhodes captured the WWE Championship, a victory accentuated by improved crowd participation and enhanced lighting, making it a night to remember. His win against Roman Reigns was meticulously booked, with Rhodes channeling the spirit of underdog babyfaces, a match that protected all moves and finishers, giving it a premium feel.
  • Celebratory Icons: The celebration of Cody’s win was marked by appearances from Cena, Triple H, and CM Punk, heralding the dawn of a new era in WWE.
  • Surprise Appearances and Championships: The Undertaker’s unexpected appearance during the main event on Night 2 added to the spectacle. Meanwhile, Lashley’s crowning as the new World Heavyweight Champion and plans for Drew to win the title in Scotland added layers to the unfolding drama.

These moments underscored WrestleMania 40’s place in history, blending high-stakes matches with emotional narratives and surprise elements that kept audiences captivated.

Iconic Matches and Performances

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

This match stood out as a masterclass in storytelling and technical wrestling, with Punk providing insightful commentary throughout the bout. The drama and athleticism displayed by both superstars captivated the audience, making it a memorable encounter.

Philadelphia Street Fight

The match between The Pride (Bobby Lashley, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins) and The Final Testament (Karrion Kross, Akam, and Rezar) exceeded expectations. The inclusion of iconic figures such as Bubba Ray and Snoop Dogg added a unique flavor to the contest, making it an unforgettable highlight of the night.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

The main event featuring Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns under Bloodline Rules was a spectacle of high stakes and intense action. Rhodes’ victory, achieved through a Cross Rhodes trifecta, marked the end of Reigns’ historic reign and was an emotional moment for all involved, including notable figures like Samantha Irvin, Michael Cole, Triple H, and Bruce Prichard. This match not only concluded the Bloodline saga but also propelled Cody Rhodes’ legacy to new heights, solidifying WrestleMania 40’s place in history.

Impactful Moments Outside the Ring

Local Celebrations and Appearances

WrestleMania 40’s Philadelphia setting was highlighted by local icons, bringing a unique Philly flavor to the event. On Saturday, sports stars Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson made appearances, while Sunday saw performances from the Mummers, appearances by mascot Swoop, and even Snoop Dogg, adding a diverse cultural mix to the festivities.

Community Impact and Predictions

Cody Field, serving as the WWE WrestleMania 40 Community Impact Correspondent, brought a personal touch to the event. As a gold medalist snowboarder for the US Team at the Special Olympics and someone with a deep connection to wrestling and Cody Rhodes, Field’s presence underscored the event’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement. His prediction of Cody Rhodes’ victory and his view of WrestleMania 40 as a pivotal moment for Rhodes added a layer of personal investment and narrative to the event.

Record-Setting Venue and Surprise Returns

Philadelphia’s hosting of WrestleMania 40 set multiple records, with the event being marked by high production values and innovative presentation. The return of wrestling legends like The Rock, who teamed up with Roman Reigns, and surprise appearances by The Undertaker, added a sense of nostalgia and excitement. These moments, combined with CM Punk’s special guest commentary, enriched the WrestleMania experience beyond the ring, making it a memorable event for fans and participants alike.

WrestleMania 40’s Potential Legacy

New Era for WWE

Cody Rhodes’ victory was not just a win in the ring; it signified the dawn of a new era for WWE, promising fresh storylines and a shift in the wrestling landscape 14.

Historic Two-Night Event

For the first time, WrestleMania spanned over two nights, offering fans double the action and excitement. Night 2, streamed on various platforms, showcased the adaptability and broad reach of WWE, making wrestling accessible to a global audience.

Women’s Wrestling on the Rise

Bayley’s win at the women’s Royal Rumble and her challenge for the Women’s World Championship against Rhea Ripley underscored the growing significance of women’s wrestling. This victory not only added to Bayley’s legacy but also shone a spotlight on Damage CTRL’s growing dominance in the women’s division.


Through the kaleidoscope of high-octane action, emotional victories, and groundbreaking inclusivity efforts, WrestleMania 40 has not only set a new benchmark for sports entertainment but also heralded a new era under Paul Levesque’s stewardship. The memorable battles, such as Cody Rhodes’ triumph and the electrifying Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins bout, underscored the event’s essence—blending the sheer spectacle of wrestling with deep, narrative-driven encounters. Moreover, the commitment to inclusivity, showcased through the partnership with Culture City, illustrated WWE’s evolving ethos, making WrestleMania 40 a landmark event in more ways than one.

As the curtains fall on this monumental gathering, its legacy is clear: WrestleMania 40 has sculpted a new path for the future of WWE, promising fresh narratives, broader inclusivity, and an invigorated focus on community engagement. This event not only celebrated the history and achievements within the ring but also set the stage for exciting developments in the wrestling world. The implications of these changes extend far beyond the confines of the WWE universe, hinting at a more inclusive, dynamic future for sports entertainment.

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