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A Little Different Reading Challenge for 2015

Jennifer Czepiel

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Ebooks, Print Books, Libraries, and Book Stores!

This year may not have been a big reading year for some of us. It happens. Work, life, school, family, and grand adventures do tend to get in the way. Reading challenges are floating around. Some are genre based, others vary as they try to get readers to think outside the covers. This list is a little something in between.

Starting out easy – An eBook

I have heard so many people say they have not yet been able to read a digital book from cover to cover. There is something about not having that glorious bookmark jutting from the pages that seems to deter readers who are not yet piqued by the new wave of digital media. Why should you read eBooks though? There are some great independent writers and publishers out there that are strictly digital due to the lower cost of publication. These little gems may never make it to the shelves of your local bookstore, but they are pretty amazing and worth your time.

Going Old School – Print Books

On the flip side of the digital trend, many may not ever touch the pages of a physical book in 2014. With more books published via Kindle and Smashwords, it is easy to say there is no need for print. There is a nostalgia though, and a magic as well. Curling up to read a classic, or even a modern piece and feeling the pages in our hands adds connection to the story that digital does not offer. The other benefit to a print copy is seeing the wear of a well loved copy. Sharing is much easier too. Pass your finished book on to a friend, or leave it at a coffee shop, bus stop, or airport.

Treasure Hunting – Small Book Stores

A good book can be bought in a Barnes and Noble as easily as ordering on Amazon, but there is another level here. When we walk into a big box book store, the employees may be avid readers, they may even know more than the computerized catalog system tells them, but they are not the same as a bookstore owner. Having had the blessed existence to know more than one small bookstore owner, I can say with assurance, these men and women love books. They know books and readers and in many ways they can be your perfect matchmaker when it comes to pairing you with a paperback mate.

Lending a Page – Local Libraries

When was the last time you walked into your local library? That long, eh. There is no shame in it. Why bother when we have Google to answer our every question? Or, when we can order any book we want for less than a dollar on Amazon. We just do not think about it. Much like the small bookstore owner though, library staff are book aficionados. They can steer you toward some very special reading experiences. There is one other step to this challenge though; stay there. Do not just slip in, and check out. Find a corner and spend some time surrounded by the knowledge housed within these hallowed walls.

Happy Reading in 2015

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