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Top Career Paths in Construction and Architecture for Recent Graduates

Jennifer Dawson

Top Career Paths in Construction and Architecture for Recent Graduates

Want to have a fruitful and lasting career after graduating from college? Consider getting a job in architecture or construction. Jobs in these fields are currently in demand, particularly in construction, as a recent analysis from the Associated Builders and Contractors found that the industry needs 501,000 more workers this year to meet the labor demand. If you have a degree in architecture or if you want to enter the construction field, there are a variety of roles that you can pursue after completing your studies– here are the best architecture and construction jobs you can get after college. 

General Contractor

Construction workers are an important part of every community since they provide services that are essential to the safety, health, and wellbeing of people. But to make everything go smoothly during the building process, a general contractor should be onsite to oversee the quality of work on a construction project. A general contractor is the person who’s responsible for monitoring the day to day activities in the construction site, client negotiations, providing the materials and equipment for the project, and hiring the workers and subcontractors, among others. They also act as the bridge of communication between the project developer and workers. 

General contractors are required to have a degree in engineering, construction management, or construction science. They should also have exceptional leadership, organization, communication, interpersonal, problem solving, and time management skills. Since their work means having to be present at construction sites, being physically fit is a must. Contractors are recommended to live a healthy lifestyle and do regular workouts to prevent work related injuries. Doing so can inspire construction workers to do the same so they can enjoy working for many years. As for the salary, it is estimated that as of June 2024, general contractors in the US earn about $46 per hour.  

Construction Surveyor

Ideally, all buildings should be safe and free from structural flaws since they’re meant to be used as residences or commercial spaces for many years. Hiring skilled workers and using quality materials can make a difference during the initial construction process of a building, but after a few years, that building will need to be inspected to see if it needs to be reinforced or repaired. A construction surveyor’s skills will be invaluable at this time since they know how to properly assess a building’s structural integrity. They can also advise developers and contractors on the necessary repairs and maintenance, and recommend options to restore buildings with historic significance. 

If you’re thinking about having a career as a construction surveyor, you’ll be required to have a degree in architecture or engineering technology, or a diploma in building or construction surveying. Once you’ve achieved your degree and get some experience on the field, you’ll find that this can be a fulfilling career since construction surveyors earn around $74,700 annually. 

Interior Designer

Do you love creating beautiful spaces? If yes, then you may want to consider a career as an interior designer. This role will require you to make safe, aesthetically pleasing, and functional spaces by selecting the right decorative elements, lighting, colors, and materials for a residence, office space, or retail shop. You’ll also need to coordinate with your client and recommend furniture and art purchases while working with their budget. 

An interior designer should be creative, have good attention to detail, and have great organizational, problem solving, and time management skills. Interior designers are required to have a bachelor’s or associate degree in interior design, but architecture students can also transition into this field. As of this year, it is estimated that interior designers earn around $64,000 annually.

Town Planner

Got lots of design ideas for your town or city? Do you always think about how you can make your city a better place? Perhaps being a town planner may be in the cards for you. Town planners work with government officials and land developers so that the needs of the community will be met without causing harm to the land and the environment. They’re experts in assessing proposed projects to see if they have the potential to contribute to the growth of the city, and they make suggestions on how to improve these projects. They also do research on the needs of their city, so they’ll be the ones to tell council members if their area needs more parks or playgrounds, commercial buildings, parking spots, or additional green spaces. 

Town planners should have excellent leadership and strategic skills. They should also be creative and have good written and verbal communication skills. Town planners are required to have a degree in urban planning or architecture, as well as a master’s degree in the former. A town planner typically earns around $78,000 per year, but the salary can be influenced by several factors, including location, education, training, and work experience. 

Graduates should consider pursuing a career in construction or architecture to have a future-proof job. Consider your interests before choosing a career in these fields to have a rewarding work experience, and seek advice from mentors or career advisers if you need more information about these jobs.  

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