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Top Dorm Room Essentials For Safety & Wellbeing

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adding these items to your dorm room to enhance your safety and wellbeing on campus. 

Living in a dorm is one of the most quintessential parts of the college experience. Though dorm life presents a few challenges, having a comfortable and safe space can make the transition from home to dorm room much easier for most students. This is why safety and security is a top priority among families when choosing a dorm for their children.

Most in-campus dorms have access to protective services from the school, but this doesn’t guarantee total protection against crimes. According to recent data, dorm burglaries are the top college dorm security threat, making up 70 percent of all dorm crimes. Other common crimes that can threaten your safety include sexual harassment and vehicular theft. Protecting yourself and your property should always be a priority, and the way you equip your dorm room may help to keep you safe from crimes. Consider adding these items to your dorm room to enhance your safety and wellbeing on campus. 

Lockable Underbed Storage

The space under your bed is the perfect place to keep some of your belongings, and having them out of the way can prevent clutter and make your dorm room a pleasant place to be. This area can also be a good hiding place for valuables or anything with a sentimental value, but don’t just chuck your items under the bed. Instead, invest in lockable underbed storage containers to deter thieves and keep your belongings safe. There are two types to choose from– one with an actual padlock, and one with a keypad so it’s more like a safe than a container. Whatever you choose, pick one in a dark color so it isn’t noticeable, and check if you can lock it to your bed frame for added security. 

Natural Elements to Protect Mental Wellbeing

College life can be stressful–even more so when you add preventing crimes on top of all your priorities. Although protecting yourself and your valuables is important, you’ll also need to care for your mental wellbeing to have a positive campus experience. One way to do so is by adding natural elements to your dorm room. Biophilic design, which encourages incorporating natural elements into one’s interiors, is proven to relieve mental fatigue, reduce stress, and improve mood. To bring the outdoors in, think about decorating your space in light, neutral tones like beige and white, then add some soothing blues and greens for color. Next, add accessories made from natural materials, such as a sisal rug, a rattan ottoman, a wicker wastebasket, and a small wooden bowl filled with pine cones or sea shells. 

Don’t forget to have some live plants in your dorm room. If you have the space for it, place one medium sized potted plant, such as a ficus, ZZ plant, Monstera Deliciosa, or a Banyan fig in the corner of your room. But if you have limited space, consider adding one to two hanging plants in your room. Pothos, spider plants, or philodendron are perfect for dorm rooms since they’re low maintenance. 

Install a Video Doorbell

Using tech or smart devices can keep you safe from intruders while living in your dorm. While installing a security camera in your dorm room may cause issues with your roommate or RA, having a video doorbell may be a good solution that won’t raise any eyebrows. This device allows you to see who’s out there in the hall, and you can talk to someone without having to open your door. Also, you can use an app for remote monitoring to see if someone is trying to break into your dorm room. 

Remain Vigilant In College For Safety

On campus, especially at a small institution where many of the faces are recognisable, it’s easy to feel at ease. Nonetheless, it’s still critical to pay attention to your surroundings and the people in them. This encompasses those who might not appear to fit into the everyday environment. Tell your kids to be on the lookout for strangers and to never give up, especially if they want to enter a dorm but don’t have the key or the entrance code.

Your dorm room is your home away from home, and having peace of mind is essential to have a positive experience in college. Consider these ideas to create a safe and secure sanctuary on campus.

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