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How to Land an Internship at a Top Media Agency

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How to Land an Internship at a Top Media Agency

Research shows that students who engage in an internship significantly increase their chances of securing employment and optimal compensation. Considering the fact that the top marketing and advertising agencies (including Publicis Worldwide, OMD Worldwide, and VMLY&R) make $4B or over in revenue, it is clear that salaries can be attractive and the opportunity for growth tremendous. The good news is that nearly all top companies offer internships, with boards expressing a clear desire to find creative, visionary staff who can help take their company to new heights. Below are a few tips that can help you capture their attention

Selecting an Internship that Aligns with Your Strength and Interests

Lori Depace, Program Manager at Publicis Health, has shared specific tips for those wishing to land their dream internship, and the first thing mentioned is to spend time discovering your passions—don’t just apply to an agency because it’s successful or to simply add the internship to your resume. Talk to your professors and ask them for suggestions. They know you best and can suggest areas where you could really shine, not just during your internship but also in the future. 

Write a Resume That Stands Out

Top media companies receive thousands of applications. This means that if your resume looks just like most documents they will be viewing, it will most likely get passed over. Don’t worry if you don’t have too much professional experience; no company will be expecting you to have completed work experience anywhere else. Aim to stand out in two ways: by showing how you are involved in extracurricular activities, and by including samples of applicable projects you’ve worked on in class or another company. For instance, if you are interested in brand strategy and identity and you’ve created an RFP that is well-articulated, clearly drafted, and detailed, enclose it. Doing so demonstrates that you are willing to do research and that you know how to summarize and clearly articulate complex ideas. Ensure your project includes case studies, creative references, and market data showing you know how to reach customers.

Start Networking Now

Don’t wait until you’re already working to build your network. Attend business events, exhibitions, and workshops. You never know who you might meet there. If you do come across influential figures in your sectors, request their business card and send them previous work. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to success as an intern is the fear of rejection. Don’t limit yourself to in-person events. Join professional associations and use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your sector. Consider volunteering for industry-related events, focusing on genuine interests and demonstrating a sincere desire to do your share for your community. 

Choose the Right Setting for Your Video Interview

Most top companies conduct video interviews to speed up the process. Acing this part of your application is vital, as it will give HR the first chance to see how you communicate. First, ensure you are filming in a quiet spot with a plain background and test all the technology you will be using (apps, microphone, lighting, etc) before the big day. At the interview, make sure you use professional but friendly verbal and non-verbal language. Ensure your shoulders are relaxed, sit up straight but not rigidly, place your arms to the side, and look at the camera in a friendly manner. Use your hands for emphasis but avoid overusing them. When you do use them, keep them at chest level to avoid blocking the view of your face. Bear in mind that subtle facial expressions can be difficult to understand on video. Smile with a full grin and nod to indicate that you understand. Keep your eyes focused on the camera so you look interested throughout the interview. Finally, dress in professional attire without looking overly formal.

Internships are an excellent way to get your foot in the door of one of the top media firms in the nation or abroad. Grab the recruiters’ attention by sending a professional-looking resume that shows what you are capable of. Ace the video interview stage by being friendly and relaxed, and by showing your interest in spending time in their company.

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