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Review: Plants vs Zombies DS

Jason Evangelho

Infectious tower defense game “Plants vs. Zombies” arrives for Nintendo’s DS handheld

PopCap has a unique grip on the video game industry. Titles like “Bejeweled”, “Zuma” and “Peggle” are staples among the casual crowd but are equally capable of hypnotizing core players for hours on end. This is because every game PopCap produces is built on the foundation Tetris established: Games are simple to learn, difficult to master and translate well to multiple platforms. This is especially true for “Plants vs. Zombies”, one of the most engaging and engrossing tower defense games in history.

“Plants vs. Zombies” (PvZ) is the latest PopCap title to be transferred to the Nintendo DS (see also: “Bookworm”, “Bejeweled Twist” and “Peggle”) and it’s brimming with personality. For the uninitiated (where have you been hiding?) PvZ lets you plant dozens of charming yet deadly perennials in a bid to protect your house (and your brains) from an onslaught of 26 humorous, specialized zombies. In true PopCap fashion, each level you complete rewards you with a new ability or plant to add to your arsenal, adding a new layer of depth and difficulty literally every few minutes. Will you wall up early for a late-game offensive, or take it to the zombies with the awesome fireball/threepeater combo? How will you deal with that sneaky underwater zombie? The foundation of the game, especially to tower defense nuts, is magnetic. With a couple minor exceptions, this is a fantastic tower defense experience and an excellent port priced to move($19.99). The DS version also packs a few exclusive features and is arguably easier to control than its console cousins; the stylus is a natural fit for any game in this genre.

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