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Gregg Allman postpones book tour

Set to undergo tests for heart issues

Gregg Allman, co-founder of the Allman Brothers Band, has postponed his summer book tour due to heart issues.

Gregg Allman had a liver transplant because of Hepatitis C at the Mayo Clinic in 2010 and has recovered steadily since, but he has had to cancel performances since the surgery because of unforeseen complications. Gregg Allman is set to undergo tests at the same clinic today for his heart.

“It’s just one of those make-sure tests, you know,” he said. “My heart goes into A Fib (atrial fibrillation) and does those beats- you know, instead of going du-dun, du-dun, du-dun, it goes ta-da-dat-ta-da-doot-doot. There’s a little reggae in there somewhere.”

Gregg Allman did join in last weekend at the Wanee Festival in Florida. “That’s our festival down there,” he said. “The Allman Brothers started it. I didn’t play the whole set, but I played both nights. In all, I might’ve done 10 songs maybe. It was a lot of fun.”

If he gets a clear from the doctors, Gregg Allman plans to start his book tour on May 8 and wants to hit the road with the Allman Brothers.

“I know there’s been a lot of people that have had their hearts set – God bless `em – on seeing me and my boys perform and seeing me and the Brothers perform,” Gregg Allman said. “And because of this virus and all these damned surgeries, I had to cancel. I’ve always really held that sacred, and a no-show I am not. I’d like extend my apology to them. It’s just kind of a bigger bump than I expected in the road, and as of this summer, I’ll be there with bells on in the future.”

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