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Dez Bryant's babysitter

Cowboys implement rules for the wide receiver this season

Dez Bryant has had his share of off-field troubles and it seems that they have proven too much for the Dallas Cowboys, who have resorted to treating the 23-year old wide receiver like a child. A snot-nosed child who needs to be saved from himself.

Bryant, who was chosen first round by the Cowboys in the 2010 NFL Draft (No. 24 overall), was arrested in July and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. But that’s not all. The charge was filed because Bryant assaulted his own mother.

Though disciplinary action from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to be established, rules have been set by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, rules which Goodell seems to have deemed acceptable for Bryant.

Rule #1: Dezzy needs to be in by midnight. If Bryant is going to miss curfew, he needs to notify team officials in advance.

Rule #2: No booze for Bryant.

Rule #3: No strip clubs. Any club Bryant wants to attend must be approved by the Cowboys and must be accompanied by a security team.

Rule #4: Bryant must attend counseling sessions twice a week.

Rule #5: Said security team (three men) will leave one man with Bryant at all times, rotating turns to watch the receiver.

Rule #6: members of the security team will provide Bryant with rides to practices, games and team functions.

Bryant’s dysfunctional childhood can be to blame for the footballer’s unruly behavior, but the Cowboys simply will not let him fall behind. They have taken responsibility for him and with this rules system they might be able to tame the wide receiver.

But even for a man with two children of his own this shows that no matter how much money you make, if you act like a child then prepare to be treated like one.

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