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Black Panther Party Bounty and CNN Interview

Billy Gardner

Black Panther party calls for arrest: Trayvon was getting a beverage and skittles when killed

See what the leader said about Anderson Cooper

The New Black Panther Party has placed a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head.
The Washington Sentinel reported that the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Minister Mikhail Muhammad, was asked by a reporter if he was inciting violence, and Muhammad responded, “An eye for an eye.”

Zimmerman, the alleged murderer of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, has a $10k bounty against him by the New Black Panther Party, calling for a citizen’s arrest. The Sentinel went on to say that the New Black Panther Party called for “the mobilization of 10,000 black men to capture George Zimmerman.”

The leader of the New Black Panther Party, Minister Mikhail Muhammad, went on CNN recently and spoke with Anderson Cooper about what his group is trying to put forth. During the interview, he put stated that Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder. “He committed murder, he committed a hate crime,” Muhammad said. “We decided to take it upon ourselves and coalition with other groups, with other black people who have had enough.”

Anderson Cooper came back with the actuality of the circumstances, one being, George Zimmerman has not been charged with anything yet, let alone murder, and Cooper also said, “Trayvon’s parents don’t want you.” The argument put forth by Cooper didn’t seem to matter, The leader of the New Black Panther party continued, “We are military, we are here to support Trayvon’s family,” Muhammad later added they weren’t really doing this for Trayvon Martin. “They have killed millions of black men and women so not only are we calling for justice for Trayvon.” His rant only continued, “We can make a citizen’s arrest when the government will not do their job according to the Constitution.” “Factually… that doesn’t make any sense,” Cooper replied, but Muhammad did not want to hear it. “I don’t obey the white man’s law,” he replied, after citing he was in accordance with the constitution, but he went on and here’s the kicker, to tell Anderson Cooper “you don’t care about Trayvon’s family.”

Read more on the incident here.

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