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Rosilene Taylor

Rose Marie is an Author, journalist, and loving mother of two. Although Rose had the initial desire to complete schooling to become a veterinarian, following the passing of their mother, Rose Marie says that writing just "Fell" into her lap. The idea to write her first book was premature yet sent her in the right direction and "A Sainted Sinner" was released in 2006. At this particular juncture in Rose's life, writing has become the focus as she is working with several publications on a daily basis. Rose also has a blog that is set to go public on April 1st, 2015.

To My Molester

Screw You

Here’s to you Joseph Kogan! Someone suggested, to another person of course, that they should write a letter to their childhood molester or rapist. They said that it would get some of the burden off of them and allow them to begin the healing process. Hey, I don’t know if this will help me or not, but considering that I have seemingly hit Rock Bottom, I guess it definitely couldn’t hurt. So, here’s to you Joe. Dear Joe, I could start this letter off by asking you how you’re doing, by trying to make you feel comfortable about the fact that I am writing to you. The thing about that is, although it seems right to be the ‘bigger’ person, we don’t always do what is right. So in the interest of not lying to myself or others, I am not going to pretend that I am sending you well wishes and telling you that everything turned out alright.

See, for the longest time, I would push my feelings to the back of my head. The feelings of deep hatred and resentment, the feelings of torment that have been with me for nearly twenty years thanks to you. Today, however, is not the day of forgetting what wrongs you committed against me. I would love to lie to myself and continue to pretend that it never happened. In fact, I successfully lied to myself for years upon years in the efforts of making it all go away. Crazy thing about your past… It doesn’t just disappear. I’ll be honest with you Joe! I have wished that you would die a slow death for many years now. A slow and very painful death to be precise. In the past I would even daydream about you hurting another little girl and being thrown in prison. Once arriving there, you would be raped continuously until you bled out of every possible opening on your body. You would cry at night and yearn for a God that would never come. Kind of like the tears that I have cried for the last 18 years, the ones caused by the scars that you caused on my heart, that you placed on my soul. It never goes away ya know, the reality of what I was exposed to, of what was done to me at such an early age. Did you ever think about how my life would change Joe? Did it ever cross your perverse mind that I might not turn out alright because of the things that you did to me? It is sort of ironic that I ask you that when you take into consideration the fact that I never even considered that reality. The reality that what happened to me was going to drastically change the course of my life because of the lengths that I would go to mask my pain. My life never turned out the way I thought it would.

Now, I am on a path to being where I need to be but it didn’t come easily at all. I finally found God, not that I ever lost him, I just wasn’t searching for him and seeking him out as I needed to. Anyways, God has pulled me out of the disgusting pit of denial that I was in and into the light so now it is time for me to shed my demons. You were one of my biggest demons Joe, you were someone who has taken up such a large part of my life for so long because I can never stop thinking about my hatred for you. For that reason, amongst others, I would drink to excess and once I decided that drinking was problematic, I would swallow a deadly amount Vicodin to numb my feelings. How could I, a woman with an IQ of 137 and all of the resources in the world, become a drug addict who did the most grotesque and despicable of things? It was you Joe, it was my hatred for you and the darkness that reality placed within me. You’re not the ONLY one who can be given the dishonor of being labeled my molester, but I figure that you, Joseph Kogan, deserved a place all your own. I would say that I hope you found God and changed your life, but it seems easier to tell you that I hope you ROT in HELL!

Maybe, in another decade, I will be able to genuinely tell you that I am praying for God to forgive you! Thanks to God, I am now able to forgive you for the things that you did to me and I pray that anyone else you victimized was strong enough to move on without the issues that I was plagued with. So Joe, you have not beaten me. You did succeed in breaking me down and holding me, unknowingly captive, for several years, but you have not beaten me. I will never let you win, God will never let you win! Yours Truly, The Girl Whose Childhood You Stole

THAT'S LIFE: Interview with Nasson Chance

Exclusive with Nasson Chance

Calling California ‘Home’, Nasson Chance was born in London, England and in that arena, he found himself. It just happened to take a little while before he fully knew of the person that he would become, of the influence that he would one day have. Talent must have come to Nasson at birth because before he was even in the double digits, at the age of Six, Chance began to pick up the skills of fluently playing the Piano. Upon moving to Italy, Chance was admitted to a prestigious school of arts and also began playing cello as well. Yeah, it seems shocking while you listen to his current Genre of music, it evens seems a bit unbelievable that someone whom is such an intense Rap artist, could have ever been in incredible Classical players well. But hey, there is a dispensation to every rule now isn’t there! Currently, Nasson is touring in efforts to promote his newest single ‘That’s Life’ and has plans on being on tour throughout the spring and into the summer.

CN: What made you decide that this was the best possible time for Promotion of this single?

NC: I mean, I just have had the best time creating this single andDJ Chizo has really been pushing me to start promotions so it just seemed like time. And I already had a bit of a following so I decided, Why Not.

CN: You’re right about that. Now, you have quite a following in London and Italy but how did that develop without an Album?

NC: I think that there were people who knew of me through others and then there is, of course, my promotion team that does a great job. Before deciding to go on tour, I was also known in certain circles from various concerts and gigs that I have done.

CN:So after the tour dates, do you plan on building a complete Album? You have some pretty fantastic music circulating around out here.

NC: Everyone has been trying to get me to do an entire album and I might finally get to doing it, we’ll have to see if the timing happens to be right once I’ve gotten off tour.

Not only has Nasson Chance been a vital part of this industry beginning at a young age, he also decided that he had been called to go to the military. –The United States Military- Once that decision had been reached, he left and ended up in Detroit Michigan where he recalls getting himself into trouble, but at the same time, finally growing up.

CN: What made you uproot your life and join the United States Military?

NC: It just seemed like the right thing to do. I really needed to make some changes in my life and decided that was the way to go and music just fell to the backburner.

CN: So, during this time, did you even look to music for personal reasons or did you just stop developing music all together?

NC: Towards the end of my enlistment I started focusing on music again. In fact I recorded a track called ‘Life’s Souljah’ and eventually hooked up with Isaiah Washington. And once he did the drop on that track it blew up because he was on it. It was a great experience.

CN: So, other than Isaiah Washington, do you have any ‘mentors’ that have driven your music?

NC:I don’t have the typical mentors, I guess you could say chizo and Isaiah would be something like mentors.

CN: What about your musical drives and inspirations?

NC: I think that I have been inspired by myself. I try to avoid following the whole stencil thing. I don’t think, no disrespect, but I don’t think that the music these days is any good. A lot of people have been making Hip-Hop look bad. I want more of the Common, Nas, and Biggie; and right now, I like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, guys like that.

Chance has had such a lengthy career and it has been full of music that seems to fit into the category of having something solid to say. Throughout our conversation, I got a lot of valid information that seems to place him among a crowd of those whom will be remembered. Between his impressive Classical music background, courageous Military enlistment, and honest lyrics, Nasson Chance is sure to be sought after both within the states and abroad. Continue to follow as the remainder of my questions will be answered. Including, Nasson’s look on love, family and the future! Don’t miss what’s coming next!

Fast and Furious 7 Review

One Last Ride with Paul Walker

The Fast and Furious series has always generated a lot of attention and most definitely, a hefty revenue from ticket sales as well. This particular installment of the series, however, beat out every single one that came before it. I think we can attribute it to the untimely, and terrible saddening passing of Paul Walker. Being an avid fan of the series, I went to see the movie at the earliest possible moment and I absolutely loved it. Things were different than they were in the last few movies, both with the graphics, as well as the story line. Jason Statham was an incredible addition to the cast and the intricacies of the action sequences were direct and edge-of-your-seat entrancing. The only thing that I found a problem with was my own mind. Unfortunately for me, I spent a large majority of the time within the movie attempting to figure out what scenes had been completed by Paul Walkers brothers. As it had been stated following Walker’s passing, the team decided to utilize his brothers, along with some computer graphics and voice overs, in order to complete the remainder of Paul’s scenes. The release of that information had remained within my head until the release of the film and remained highly present during my viewing of the film. Every scene played its course with my mind asking itself if that was Paul or one of his siblings. All-in-all, this movie was incredible and held strong to expectations for ‘One Last Ride’! This is most definitely a must see film for Fast and Furious fans and Paul Walker fans alike. The tribute that they developed and added to the movie was immensely touching and truly did Walker justice. This is a great movie, full of action, emotion, and absolute brotherhood! Check it out TODAY!

Polish me Perfect

Summer Nail Color Suggestions

Who doesn’t love a little bit of color in their day? Well, although spring is typically the prime time for pastel nails and their matching flip flops and beanies; Seventeen is making the class of Pastels the nail color(s) for the summer season as well. Don’t worry, you can still flash around your bright and fun colors during the Spring time, but instead of switching them out for solid matte colors this year, utilize those nail colors throughout both seasons. The most popular colors are as follows: 1) Runaway Pink, 2) Sylestine Blue, 3) Mint, 4) Smokey Skies Blue, and 5) Wedding White Glamour is backing the choice to continue pastels throughout the Summer season this year because it is seemingly ‘in’ if you look over the selected fashion trends that were on display during fashion week. Although there are several colors that you can choose from, I would suggest to have something with a hint of shimmer and/or glitter to it; maybe even a glossy top coat to have the color pop out a tad bit. Why is this a healthy suggestion? Well, the spring nail color pallet is full of direct colors such as bright pink, yellow, and sugar blue. Even though everyone seems to be suggesting that pastels can carry through to both seasons, it might be fun and interesting to change things up a bit with the gloss or shimmer additives. In addition to the suggestions that have been given in reference to acceptable spring and Summer polishes, Natural nails have been all the rage this year and are continuing to reign supreme. So with that said, don’t waste your money attempting to get acrylics and airbrushed tips; instead, shape your nails or have them shaped by a professional- and then paint them. Simple yet elegant will outdo flashy any time.

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Attempted Cover-Up

Walter Scott

By now everyone has heard of Walter Scott and they are not too happy with the events surrounding his murder. It has never been easily swallowed when cops get away with cold blooded murder, but the lies that are at the center of this investigation have been astonishing. It makes you ask yourself just how many times a miscarriage of justice, liken to this one, has taken place. Had it not been for the young man catching this entire case on video there would have once again been no indictment. As an uproar began, the SC police department released statements that were implicating a justifiable shooting. WRONG! Rather than justified, this incident was certifiably EVIL, in every sense of the word. On the video footage that has been circling, Walter Scott is seen running away from the officer. There is no doubt that the officer had probably been throwing words of hateful threats towards Scott, although that cannot be confirmed. As Scott ran in the opposite direction, the officer pulled out his weapon and began to fire on the victim. A victim whom was unarmed and most likely full of fear. Upon the murder of Walter Scott, the video shows the officer running to the victim’s body, subsequently planting a stun gun on the man who laid motionless. There is no question that this shooting was not justified and following the discovery of the video this officer was promptly arrested and charged with murder. My question remains the same however! How did the SCPD deem this a justifiable shooting in the first place? This officer was not in fear of his life, even if the ‘suspect’ –VICTIM- had taken his stun gun, Scott was running away from the officer prior to him beginning to shoot from several strides away. General Consensus? It is my firm belief that the SCPD and the prosecuting attorneys office have only decided to charge the officer because of the damage that the tape would have held for the entire department. Their statements are bogus and their ‘outrage’ is feigned! #BlackLivesMatter

Quick and Yummy Recipes


MMM… Yummy!! College life isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. In fact, aside from the extra freedoms that you receive when you venture out and live on your own, there are a lot of extra responsibilities that are piled onto your plate. Speaking of plates, it is good to be able to fix yourself a healthy meal or two, even when you have a tight schedule. Well, here is a scrumptious, and all too simple, recipe to fix up in your free time. ASPARAGUS with ALMONDS (And who doesn’t love Almonds) This meal is easily served warm, or even prepared ahead of time and served cold. Now, I would honestly like it better warm and love to plate this meal with a Crusted chicken Breast. (THAT RECIPIE WILL BE PUBLISHED NEXT)

Here is what you will need Nutrition:

Servings 4

• 1 pound, trimmed and cut, 2-inch asparagus spears • ½ cup slivered almonds (Toasted if desired

• 1Tablespoon of Olive Oil

• 1/8 cup Cider Vinegar

• 1/8 cup Teriyaki Sauce

• 1 Tablespoon Sugar

• ¼ Teaspoon Ground Ginger


1. Steam/cook asparagus until tender-crisp.

2. Meanwhile, stir together almonds, olive oil, cider vinegar, teriyaki sauce, sugar, ginger, and pepper.

3. Pour over the cooked asparagus and toss to coat well.

4. Serve right away or chill for 1-2 hours and serve cold.

See, it is not always incredibly expensive and time consuming to create a delightful meal in your free time. In fact, this is a pretty cheap alternative to going out to eat. Cooking can also clear the mind and prove to be a healthy way to work off stress and have good, clean fun by yourself, or even with friends. This will be the first of many postings, the next of which, will be the delectable chicken breast that would be optimal for an incredible paring with this yumtastic asparagus.

Rape Culture

Insensitive Comments get the Boot

How many times have you been involved in, or witnessed, a potential sexual assault? It is probably more times than your brain can even remember because there are not always ‘Straight Forward’ signs of sexual assault. In fact, more often than not, assaults are perpetrated by people that you already know. Classmates, even good buddies, may be taking advantage of someone right in front of your eyes and because they aren’t initially resisting, it seems that what subsequently occurs is consensual. Well, there are numerous times in which it is not and there have been constant debates over the validity and existence of what is being referred to as ‘Rape Culture’. This has been a highly publicized topic of introspection for some time now and it is finally hitting the national eye. Coming to little too late, everyone is taking a closer look, after a Reed College student had been banned from class after denying the very existence of this culture. The student, whose name has been withheld, has argued that the ‘1 out of every 5 women’ rape statistic is ‘BOGUS’. On March 14th, 2015, the student received an e-mail from Professor Pancho Savery, of Reed College, that told him in a direct fashion that he was no longer able to be involved in the “Conference” Section of his Humanities 110 course. The reason given by his professor was that he was making numerous individuals within the class feel uncomfortable and even offended by his statements and feelings of Rape.

The student posted an E-Mail from Savery online, part of which read: “There are several survivors of sexual assault in our conference, and you have made them extremely uncomfortable with what they see as not only your undermining incidents of rape, but of also placing too much emphasis on men being unfairly charged with rape, “[Other students] have said that things you have said in our conference have made them so upset that they have difficulty concentrating in other classes. I, as conference leader, have to do what is best for the well-being of the entire class, and I am therefore banning you from conference for the remainder of the semester.” As with all topics of debate, there are two sides and there are opposing views. This situation is exactly the same, as both the professor and the student have advocates for their moves and positions on the issue. So, if you were in this situation with one of your classes/professors, what would you do?

Henry Solis

The Cowardly Acts before he Ran

Alcohol and testosterone, when mixed together just right, can prove a lethal combination and that was the exact outcome on a particular dreary evening on March 2015. Following a evening of socializing and drinking at a local Pomona bar, 27 year old Henry Solis, and 23-year-old Salome Rodriguez Jr. got into a verbal argument. Although what the argument was over could not be substantiated, the throwing of words began to increase and turned into what witnesses are calling an intense physical altercation. This is type of encounter is not uncommon when you are cruising the downtown bars in Pomona, however, this particular Friday evening was had a particular dispensation. What happened next was nothing short of monstrous, undoubtedly even more disgraceful after discovering the identity and background of the perpetrator.

Henry Solis, a rookie Los Angeles police officer, proceeded to take the altercation outside of the bar, sulking behind Rodrigues who began to exit the bar in a hurried fashion. As the warrant that was issued by the FBI states, Solis began to peruse Rodriguez on foot, upon catching up to the 23-year-old, Solis allegedly shot him multiple times, subsequently killing him in cold blood. Such a senseless shooting would be appalling to anyone, however, the fact that Solis had, at one time, been in the United States Armed Forces, and was currently serving on the police force, makes this even more implausible. Through the actions of this man, we can already tell that he is nothing but a coward and Godless individual. Proving that point even further are the events that took place shortly after this senseless murder.

Rather than facing the consequences of his actions in the shooting death of Rodriguez, Henry Solis called his father and explained to him that he had gotten into a big mess. Victor Solis, the accused’s father, quickly got up, leaving his Lancaster home and heading to his sons rescue once getting off of the phone. The warrant, which was issued by the FBI, alleges that Victor Solis then drove his son o El Paso and dropped him off in order to escape and/or flee prosecution for the heinous crime There are still no thoughts on if they are going to charge Victor Solis with any crime as of yet.

College and Drugs

The reality of College Addicts

General Stats for College Drug Use/Abuse Young adults, in and out of college, are statistically the largest group of drug users within this nation. The fact that these individuals (ages 18-23) are already predisposed to the heightened risk of addiction is secondary to the statistics that state that those students whom are enrolled in a full-time course load are a bit over two times as likely to use and abuse alcohol and illegal (or prescription) drugs!

Why College Students Turn to Drugs

The increased rate of drug and alcohol use can be attributed to a large variety of factors which may include:

• PEER PRESSURE: Being continuously surrounded by others that may be involved inappropriate extracurricular activities is a huge factor and leads to experimentation.

• GENERAL CURIOSITY: It is human nature to wonder about certain things, these include sex, drugs, and career. While in school, especially in college and away from parental supervision, it seems easier to try out things that you may have wanted to partake in before. Although some can try it and move on, others become engrossed in the drug use and cannot quit.

• STRESS: Classes, relationships, work, and even missing home and lead to massive amounts of stress. Not to mention that kids have been taking stimulants in order to stay awake throughout the night and get their studies and homework done. With all of this going on it is hard to stay focused and centered for some children. In these situations, it is all too often that you will see individuals true to drugs as ways to make it through and to cope with their circumstances.

Most Common Drugs for Campus Consumption

Not everyone likes the same drugs, and some people will limit themselves to legal substances, even though they are abusing them; while others tend to move to the harder drugs because of the accessibility and cost. The drugs that have been proven statistically to be used more often among college students include:

• ALCOHOL: This is most common because students tend to associate drinking with being socially acceptable and fun. Alcohol is also the easiest to obtain, even without having reached the legal age.

• MARIJUANA: Some students think that is allow them to focus on their studies, while others believe that the sense of euphoria is to be strongly desired. It is not hard to obtain this substance, and it has become easier since the start of state to state legalization.

• ADDERALL: This is a commonly used drug and has even been nicknamed the ‘Study-Drug’ by students, teachers, and research persons alike.

• ECSTASY: A lot of people like to use this drug in order to get their ‘party’ on and it has also been said to have certain desirable effects on sex drive and performance

Saving yourself until marriage

Don’t give in to college pressures

The trust between any two people is an essential part of a relationship. Be it friends, lovers, associates, co-workers or anywhere in between, trusting another individual is imperative if you desire to see that relationship advance. Following the ‘rules’ set by this current generation, it seems that it is easier to just glance over the faults and infidelities of your partner than it is to move on to someone that is worth your time and trust. I guess it is because this generation is plagued with an unsolicited pass card in the form of prime time television. Sure, it has been in our heads from the age of conception that, as humans, we should eventually mate and pass on our genes through reproduction. But since when did building a family turn into getting it on and then moving on? Albeit the ‘COOL’ thing to do, having sex is actually a big decision that will prove to be life altering. Then you throw on top of that the heightened risk of STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, and heartache, there is just no real way to ‘do it’ the right way. That is unless you decide that it is a much better choice to abstain from intercourse until a time in which you have found the right mate. A man/woman that you will be spending the rest of your life with, thus building a healthy family that is blessed by God. Unfortunately, it is all too often, we give in to our desires and the pressures of others to engage in those ever so intimate encounters. A large part of this happens to be the belief that, once intertwined with another through the act of intercourse, they will never leave or cheat on you. That is just not the case, and in fact it is a lot more likely that in early adulthood, the one you are with will end up getting what they want from you and still looking for it elsewhere. Is this to say that you should avoid ever falling in love and moving deeper into a relationship with the man/woman that you love? Don’t be silly, you should never deny your heart and mind the chance to get to know someone better. –It is simply our nature to find personal connections with others. – However, this is telling you to think before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. You may believe that the person you are with will remain with you for the rest of your life. That is something that we all yearn for. But until a time in which you can be certain of the love you have and the longevity of the relationship, you should save yourself. As with all things that are hard in life, once you overcome the hump and move forward, you will be incredibly proud of yourself and it won’t be as hard to stand your ground the next time. And hey, as your parents have always told you; if they really care about you, they will wait for you as long as you need them to. And if they care about what God desires, they will make that waiting time last until you have made the bond legitimized through marriage.