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Attempted Cover-Up

Rosilene Taylor

Walter Scott

By now everyone has heard of Walter Scott and they are not too happy with the events surrounding his murder. It has never been easily swallowed when cops get away with cold blooded murder, but the lies that are at the center of this investigation have been astonishing. It makes you ask yourself just how many times a miscarriage of justice, liken to this one, has taken place. Had it not been for the young man catching this entire case on video there would have once again been no indictment. As an uproar began, the SC police department released statements that were implicating a justifiable shooting. WRONG! Rather than justified, this incident was certifiably EVIL, in every sense of the word. On the video footage that has been circling, Walter Scott is seen running away from the officer. There is no doubt that the officer had probably been throwing words of hateful threats towards Scott, although that cannot be confirmed. As Scott ran in the opposite direction, the officer pulled out his weapon and began to fire on the victim. A victim whom was unarmed and most likely full of fear. Upon the murder of Walter Scott, the video shows the officer running to the victim’s body, subsequently planting a stun gun on the man who laid motionless. There is no question that this shooting was not justified and following the discovery of the video this officer was promptly arrested and charged with murder. My question remains the same however! How did the SCPD deem this a justifiable shooting in the first place? This officer was not in fear of his life, even if the ‘suspect’ –VICTIM- had taken his stun gun, Scott was running away from the officer prior to him beginning to shoot from several strides away. General Consensus? It is my firm belief that the SCPD and the prosecuting attorneys office have only decided to charge the officer because of the damage that the tape would have held for the entire department. Their statements are bogus and their ‘outrage’ is feigned! #BlackLivesMatter

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