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College and Drugs

The reality of College Addicts

General Stats for College Drug Use/Abuse Young adults, in and out of college, are statistically the largest group of drug users within this nation. The fact that these individuals (ages 18-23) are already predisposed to the heightened risk of addiction is secondary to the statistics that state that those students whom are enrolled in a full-time course load are a bit over two times as likely to use and abuse alcohol and illegal (or prescription) drugs!

Why College Students Turn to Drugs

The increased rate of drug and alcohol use can be attributed to a large variety of factors which may include:

• PEER PRESSURE: Being continuously surrounded by others that may be involved inappropriate extracurricular activities is a huge factor and leads to experimentation.

• GENERAL CURIOSITY: It is human nature to wonder about certain things, these include sex, drugs, and career. While in school, especially in college and away from parental supervision, it seems easier to try out things that you may have wanted to partake in before. Although some can try it and move on, others become engrossed in the drug use and cannot quit.

• STRESS: Classes, relationships, work, and even missing home and lead to massive amounts of stress. Not to mention that kids have been taking stimulants in order to stay awake throughout the night and get their studies and homework done. With all of this going on it is hard to stay focused and centered for some children. In these situations, it is all too often that you will see individuals true to drugs as ways to make it through and to cope with their circumstances.

Most Common Drugs for Campus Consumption

Not everyone likes the same drugs, and some people will limit themselves to legal substances, even though they are abusing them; while others tend to move to the harder drugs because of the accessibility and cost. The drugs that have been proven statistically to be used more often among college students include:

• ALCOHOL: This is most common because students tend to associate drinking with being socially acceptable and fun. Alcohol is also the easiest to obtain, even without having reached the legal age.

• MARIJUANA: Some students think that is allow them to focus on their studies, while others believe that the sense of euphoria is to be strongly desired. It is not hard to obtain this substance, and it has become easier since the start of state to state legalization.

• ADDERALL: This is a commonly used drug and has even been nicknamed the ‘Study-Drug’ by students, teachers, and research persons alike.

• ECSTASY: A lot of people like to use this drug in order to get their ‘party’ on and it has also been said to have certain desirable effects on sex drive and performance

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