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The Cowardly Acts before he Ran

Alcohol and testosterone, when mixed together just right, can prove a lethal combination and that was the exact outcome on a particular dreary evening on March 2015. Following a evening of socializing and drinking at a local Pomona bar, 27 year old Henry Solis, and 23-year-old Salome Rodriguez Jr. got into a verbal argument. Although what the argument was over could not be substantiated, the throwing of words began to increase and turned into what witnesses are calling an intense physical altercation. This is type of encounter is not uncommon when you are cruising the downtown bars in Pomona, however, this particular Friday evening was had a particular dispensation. What happened next was nothing short of monstrous, undoubtedly even more disgraceful after discovering the identity and background of the perpetrator.

Henry Solis, a rookie Los Angeles police officer, proceeded to take the altercation outside of the bar, sulking behind Rodrigues who began to exit the bar in a hurried fashion. As the warrant that was issued by the FBI states, Solis began to peruse Rodriguez on foot, upon catching up to the 23-year-old, Solis allegedly shot him multiple times, subsequently killing him in cold blood. Such a senseless shooting would be appalling to anyone, however, the fact that Solis had, at one time, been in the United States Armed Forces, and was currently serving on the police force, makes this even more implausible. Through the actions of this man, we can already tell that he is nothing but a coward and Godless individual. Proving that point even further are the events that took place shortly after this senseless murder.

Rather than facing the consequences of his actions in the shooting death of Rodriguez, Henry Solis called his father and explained to him that he had gotten into a big mess. Victor Solis, the accused’s father, quickly got up, leaving his Lancaster home and heading to his sons rescue once getting off of the phone. The warrant, which was issued by the FBI, alleges that Victor Solis then drove his son o El Paso and dropped him off in order to escape and/or flee prosecution for the heinous crime There are still no thoughts on if they are going to charge Victor Solis with any crime as of yet.

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