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Summer Nail Color Suggestions

Who doesn’t love a little bit of color in their day? Well, although spring is typically the prime time for pastel nails and their matching flip flops and beanies; Seventeen is making the class of Pastels the nail color(s) for the summer season as well. Don’t worry, you can still flash around your bright and fun colors during the Spring time, but instead of switching them out for solid matte colors this year, utilize those nail colors throughout both seasons. The most popular colors are as follows: 1) Runaway Pink, 2) Sylestine Blue, 3) Mint, 4) Smokey Skies Blue, and 5) Wedding White Glamour is backing the choice to continue pastels throughout the Summer season this year because it is seemingly ‘in’ if you look over the selected fashion trends that were on display during fashion week. Although there are several colors that you can choose from, I would suggest to have something with a hint of shimmer and/or glitter to it; maybe even a glossy top coat to have the color pop out a tad bit. Why is this a healthy suggestion? Well, the spring nail color pallet is full of direct colors such as bright pink, yellow, and sugar blue. Even though everyone seems to be suggesting that pastels can carry through to both seasons, it might be fun and interesting to change things up a bit with the gloss or shimmer additives. In addition to the suggestions that have been given in reference to acceptable spring and Summer polishes, Natural nails have been all the rage this year and are continuing to reign supreme. So with that said, don’t waste your money attempting to get acrylics and airbrushed tips; instead, shape your nails or have them shaped by a professional- and then paint them. Simple yet elegant will outdo flashy any time.

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