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Saving yourself until marriage

Rosilene Taylor

Don’t give in to college pressures

The trust between any two people is an essential part of a relationship. Be it friends, lovers, associates, co-workers or anywhere in between, trusting another individual is imperative if you desire to see that relationship advance. Following the ‘rules’ set by this current generation, it seems that it is easier to just glance over the faults and infidelities of your partner than it is to move on to someone that is worth your time and trust. I guess it is because this generation is plagued with an unsolicited pass card in the form of prime time television. Sure, it has been in our heads from the age of conception that, as humans, we should eventually mate and pass on our genes through reproduction. But since when did building a family turn into getting it on and then moving on? Albeit the ‘COOL’ thing to do, having sex is actually a big decision that will prove to be life altering. Then you throw on top of that the heightened risk of STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, and heartache, there is just no real way to ‘do it’ the right way. That is unless you decide that it is a much better choice to abstain from intercourse until a time in which you have found the right mate. A man/woman that you will be spending the rest of your life with, thus building a healthy family that is blessed by God. Unfortunately, it is all too often, we give in to our desires and the pressures of others to engage in those ever so intimate encounters. A large part of this happens to be the belief that, once intertwined with another through the act of intercourse, they will never leave or cheat on you. That is just not the case, and in fact it is a lot more likely that in early adulthood, the one you are with will end up getting what they want from you and still looking for it elsewhere. Is this to say that you should avoid ever falling in love and moving deeper into a relationship with the man/woman that you love? Don’t be silly, you should never deny your heart and mind the chance to get to know someone better. –It is simply our nature to find personal connections with others. – However, this is telling you to think before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. You may believe that the person you are with will remain with you for the rest of your life. That is something that we all yearn for. But until a time in which you can be certain of the love you have and the longevity of the relationship, you should save yourself. As with all things that are hard in life, once you overcome the hump and move forward, you will be incredibly proud of yourself and it won’t be as hard to stand your ground the next time. And hey, as your parents have always told you; if they really care about you, they will wait for you as long as you need them to. And if they care about what God desires, they will make that waiting time last until you have made the bond legitimized through marriage.

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