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Meredith Dobes

Krystle Campbell, Boston Marathon bombing victim, honored and remembered

Krystle Campbell, 29, was killed in the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Tuesday afternoon, she was mourned by family and friends at the Campbell’s home in Medford, near Boston.

Campbell was on Boylston Street near the marathon’s finish line with her friend Karen. Krystle and Karen were on the ground next to each other after the bombs exploded, and on the way to Massachusetts General Hospital, their names were mixed up.

Campbell’s father, William Campbell Jr., was told his daughter was seriously injured and could lose a leg, but when he went into Campbell’s room, he saw Karen, not Krystle. He told Newsday that Campbell had gone to the marathon to support and take pictures of a friend’s boyfriend as he crossed the finish line.

Campbell was a general manager and catering manager at the Jasper White Summer Shack restaurants. Her family said she put in 70 to 80 hours each week but still made time for family and friends.

Her grandmother called her “one of those people who always have to be doing something for somebody.”

Campbell’s mother said at a press conference, “I can’t believe this has happened. She was such a hard worker at everything she did. This doesn’t make any sense.”

Her grandmother also stressed to reporters that it is difficult to have her grandchild die before her and that no mother should have to bury her children, no matter what.

A prayer vigil is being held for Campbell tonight in Medford. Campbell was one of the first deceased victims of the bombings identified. She would have turned 30 on May 3.

Outside Lands lineup announced, features Paul McCartney and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Outside Lands festival announced its 2013 lineup yesterday, with headliners Paul McCartney and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This is the sixth year for Outside Lands, and the festival will take place in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Aug. 9-11.

Other artists in the lineup include: Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, Kaskade, Vampire Weekend, Pretty Lights, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, D’Angelo, The National, Jurassic 5, Willie Nelson & Family, Grizzly Bear, Darly Hall & John Oates, Young the Giant, Band of Horses, A-Trak, The Head and the Heart, Yeasayer, Matt & Kim, Zedd, The Tallest Man on Earth, Foals, etc.

Over 60,000 people are expected to attend Outside Lands festival each day. Three-day general admission and VIP tickets for the festival go on sale at noon April 18. They range from $235-545. Single day passes will be sold later.

Ticket sales mostly support the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

More information about the festival, tickets and the full lineup can be found at sfoutsidelands.com.

Outside Lands spans Polo Fields, Speedway Meadow and Lindley Meadow. The festival makes attempts to be eco-friendly, encouraging ridesharing, using solar power stages, having a refillable water program, a waste diversion program, a recycling program, and a bike valet parking program.

It also includes workshops to educate attendees about the green movement and organic farming.

Outside Lands also includes a separate art section with different a separate music lineup, art, food and wine.

American Airlines holds flights due to computer problem

Flights resumed Tuesday afternoon

American Airlines grounded all of its flights Tuesday after a computer problem. In the late afternoon, the problem was fixed, and its flights slowly returned back to normal.

Over 400 American Airlines flights were canceled and many more were delayed. The company said the problem was that it could not gain access to its reservations system, Sabre. The system is responsible for bookings, reservations, boarding passes, online check-ins, ticketing and tracking bags.

American Airlines said the cause of the problem is not clear, but it is not related to any type of attack or threat. Safety officials at airports were on high alert Tuesday after the bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon, however. A suspicious package was received at La Guardia Airport in Queens, which caused a terminal to be evacuated briefly.

However, the problem did not come from American Airlines’ computer systems, because other airlines, like Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, use Sabre and did not experience any issues with the system.

American Airlines said their network system experienced “intermittent problems,” and as a result of grounding all flights, offered to waive fees for passengers who wanted to change reservations and offered full refunds to those canceling flights.

Some passengers were upset about the way the situation was handled, as some people were stuck uniformed for long periods of time. One passenger told the New York Times that he got a Facebook update about the situation on his phone 20 minutes before American Airlines employees notified people at the airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that American Airlines got permission to hold its flights.

Carlos Arredondo becomes face of heroic bystanders of Boston Marathon bombings

Carlos Arredondo is being proclaimed a hero for his reaction to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Arredondo attended the Boston Marathon as a spectator. He had with him a camera and an American flag. Though many citizens ran to the destruction, instead of away from it, looking to help the injured, Arredondo became the face of this heroism.

He was pictured in a news photo, pushing an injured man down the street in a wheelchair. Arredondo had come to the race to cheer on a group of military service members marching the race with rucksacks on to honor fallen soldiers. One of the members was marching for Alex Arredondo, Carlos’ son, killed in Iraq in 2004.

After Arredondo heard on his son’s death in 2004, he set himself on fire inside a Marines’ van. Years after that incident, his other son committed suicide.

He is no stranger to grief.

Arredondo worked to help one man in particular after the Boston Marathon bombings. The man had bone only beneath his knee caps. As another bystander helped to tourniquet the leg, Arredondo talked to the victim and attempted to block his view of his own leg. He told him it would be alright and that an ambulance was on the way.

Arredondo got the injured man to an ambulance on a wheelchair, but afterward, he could not remember the man’s name. Later, the Associated Press reported that the man’s name was Jeff Bauman Jr., 27, and lost both legs.

Arredondo explained his reaction as a necessity. He said he had to get out of the shock, and his way of doing that was to help others. Other bystanders who ran to the smoke instead of from of it explained their reactions in a similar way.

'Friends' reunion rumors prove false

Fans envision their own reunions, anyway

A Friends reunion, or at least rumors of one, had the Internet running wild Tuesday. The rumor reportedly started with KHITS, a radio station based in Tulsa, OK. The radio station posted an image of the orange couch from Central Perk with the text, “Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014.”

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman told E! News that there is no reunion in the works, and the rumor is just a rumor.

Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore,” Kauffman said, noting that a movie reunion of the series will never happen.

The unofficial Friends reunion image has actually been around for months. Friends star Matthew Perry (Chandler) tweeted in November 2012 that there was “zero truth to this rumor,” with a link to the picture in the tweet.

Friends cast members have been adamant that a reunion would only disappoint fans and that it is better to let them come up with their own visions of the group in their heads.

Friends co-executive producer Kevin Bright told TV Guide in November 2012 that the show was meant to be viewed intimately in living rooms, not on a movie screen, so a movie reunion is out of the question.

Friends stars continue to appear on each other’s new shows, now, so fans not need be completely disappointed with the lack of a reunion. Fans continue to come up with their own reunion visions, anyway, on Twitter and across the Internet.

Ricin found in letters sent to Obama

Ricin poison was found in two letters Tuesday: one addressed to President Barack Obama and one addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss.

Wicker’s letter is still undergoing testing for ricin, which is expected to be completed this afternoon. His letter was postmarked from Memphis.

Obama’s letter is being investigated by the Secret Service, in junction with the U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI.

The FBI released a statement that there is no connection between these ricin-laced letters and the attack in Boston evident, but the investigation with both letters remains ongoing.

The Centers for Disease Control defines ricin as a “highly potent poison found naturally in castor beans.” Castor beans can be made into castor oil, but ricin is part of the waste, called “mash,” from making the oil.

Ricin can come in powder, mist or pellet form. It can be ingested, inhaled, injected or absorbed through the skin or eyes. It can cause “respiratory, gastrointestinal and circulatory symptoms and can lead to death 36 to 72 hours after exposure.”

There is no antidote for ricin poisoning. According to the CDC, the U.S. military experimented with ricin in the 1940s, and there are some reports that terrorist organizations have used the poison in the past.

Today, Senate offices were on partial lockdown after suspicious packages were discovered, which was unrelated to the letters received.

ABC reports that senators are taking extra security precautions are their district offices to protect staff members.

There have been no injuries thus far, but the incident is being treated as a real threat. A senior Senate official told ABC that a person of interest, someone who regularly writes letters to Congress, has been identified.

Amanda Bynes knocks bad press and Kid Cudi

Amanda Bynes, 27, is making headlines, once again. She continues to post the details of her life on Twitter. In a message directed to Complex Magazine, she berated the publication for the coverage it gives to her “ugly ex” Kid Cudi and for the “awful” photo of Aubrey Plaza chosen for the magazine’s cover.

Bynes continued to criticize Complex Magazine, which recently published an article about her titled, “Amanda Bynes Either Needs Help, Or Is Trolling Us All.”

She said she was offered a record deal by Interscope after her role in the movie “Hairspray,” which the magazine would know, “if you sat down and did a normal interview … get the facts as opposed to talking [bleep].”

Bynes tweeted about her relationship with Cudi back in 2010, sharing statements about their sex life.

Radar Online received a statement from a source close to Bynes’ parents saying, “Amanda’s parents and her brother and sister, Tommy and Jillian, are all convinced that Amanda’s erratic behavior on social media websites is her way of crying out for help.”

Bynes has announced that she no longer speaks to her parents.

Last year, Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence, a hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license, twice.

Bynes has previously sent blatantly suggestive tweets to Drake, which never received responses. She has also announced her issues with eating disorders and condoned suicide prevention.

After Bynes’ recent strand of tweets, she posted a picture of herself wearing heavy makeup and winking at the camera, with the caption, “Rawr!”

Lilly Pulitzer, known for her bold designs, dies at 81

Lilly Pulitzer, iconic fashion designer, died Sunday in Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 81, according to her company’s Facebook page.

Pulitzer was schoolmates with Jacqueline Kennedy, and while Kennedy was first lady, she wore one of Pulitzer’s designs, a dress made from kitchen curtain material.

“They took off like zingo,” Pulitzer wrote in her book, “Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining.” “Everybody loved them, and I went into the dress business.”

According to a Sports Illustrated report from 1968, Pulitzer began designing dresses when she began working at an orange juice stand, selling the produce from her husband’s citrus groves. Pulitzer designed shifts to work in, and customers were interested in buying her designs.

She started her line by designing casual dresses called “Lillys,” then by expanding to girls’ and men’s clothing. Her dresses featured bright colors and often tropical patterns.

Pulitzer’s dresses were made to be worn by anyone, but mostly affluent women wore them, or, as the New York Times puts it, “the few who were so rich that they could afford to have bad taste.”

In the 1960s and 1970s Pulitzer’s company was worth more than $15 million. It now has annual net sales of over $100 million.

In an interview with the Associated Press in 2009, Pulitzer said, “I designed collections around whatever struck my fancy … fruits, vegetables, politics or peacocks. It was a total change of life for me, but it made people happy.”

Pulitzer was married twice. She spent her life after her retirement in Palm Beach. Details about her death have not been released, other than that she was surrounded by her family when she passed.

Farrah Abraham confirms sex tape but won't sell for anything less than $2 million

Farrah Abraham, known for her time on the reality show “Teen Mom,” reportedly made a sex tape with adult film star James Deen.

Deen confirmed the existence of his and Abraham’s tape to TMZ, saying “Word travels fast. It isn’t even edited yet. We shot it yesterday.”

Steve Hirsch, president of the adult film company Vivid Entertainment, said he has seen the tape and is doing everything he can to get the rights to it.

TMZ reported that Abraham was going to take legal action, but she might try to release the tape on her own terms, according to the New York Daily News.

Initially, Abraham denied having any knowledge of a sex tape, but she then said, “If I had my own personal stuff, that’s my own personal thing.”

According to Deen, the couple is not dating, and their relationship is limited to the work they did together on the alleged tape.

The tape is supposedly close to 30 minutes long and is being presented to various adult film companies for purchase.

Abraham posed for a photo shoot in various swimsuits hours after she reportedly made the sex tape with Deen.

Abraham was arrested for driving under the influence last month. She also reportedly has an obsession with celebrity Kim Kardashian and has undergone cosmetic surgery on her nose and chin to look more like her idol. Some speculate that Abraham made the sex tape to be even more like her Kardashian.

Now that Deen made comments about the tape’s existence, Abraham is supposedly upset with him for leaking information about the tape. Deen said he thinks the tape was made to look as if it were personal, not professional, and then be released to the public.

Abraham told Fox she will not sell the tape for anything less than a couple million dollars.

Fallon Fox targeted by transphobic remarks from Matt Mitrione

Fallon Fox, transgender female fighter, was the target of offensive remarks by heavyweight male fighter Matt Mitrione. As a result, Mitrione was suspended by the UFC Monday.

Fox was recently cleared of wrongdoing by the Florida State Boxing Commission after she did not disclose that she was born a male on her application for an MMA fighting license, according to ESPN.

March 4, Fox came out as transgender to SI.com after beating Ericka Newsome in the Championship Fighting Alliance featherweight quarterfinal. Fox received gender reassignment surgery in 2006 and underwent supplemental hormonal therapy.

Mitrione called Fox a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” Monday on the Internet talk show “MMA Hour.”

UFC responded in a statement on its website saying, “The organization finds Mr. Mitrione’s comments offensive and wholly unacceptable and – as a direct result of this significant breach of the UFC’s code of conduct – Mr. Mitrion’s UFC contract has been suspended and the incident is being investigated.”

It also noted that it requires all of its athletes to “treat others with dignity and respect.” The UFC released an official code of conduct for its fighters in January.

Mitrione is a former NFL player who has participated on “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Fox has a 5-0 combined record as a professional and amateur fighter and has won all of her matches in the first round. There is still some controversy about whether she offers a fair fight to opponents or if she has a physical advantage.

Fox commented on the incident to MMAFighting.com saying, “Matt Mitrione went well beyond disagreeing with the medical experts who say I should be able to compete as a woman, and personally attacked me as a fighter, as a woman, and as a human being.”