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900 Employees Sacked in Brutal Zoom Call by CEO

900 Employees Sacked in Brutal Zoom Call by CEO

The CEO of an online company fired 900 of his employees in a brutal Zoom call before slamming them as “lazy” and claiming that they were “stealing” from customers.

Vishal Garg, the CEO of New York online mortgage lenders, Better.com, dismissed approximately 9 per cent of his employees last Wednesday, only a few weeks before Christmas.

Garg, in a very blunt manor, stated: “This isn’t news that you’re going to want to hear…If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. Your employment here is terminated effective immediately.”

Prior to letting his workers know of the bad news, Gard said: “I come to you with not great news.

“The market has changed, as you know, and we have to move with it in order to survive so that hopefully, we can continue to thrive and deliver on our mission.

“This isn’t news that you’re going to want to hear.

“But ultimately it was my decision. And I wanted you to hear from me. It’s been a really, really challenging decision to make.”

“This is the second time in my career I’m doing this and I do not want to do this.

“The last time I did it, I cried. This time, I hope to be stronger.

The 43-year-old maintained his authority, blaming the fluctuations within the market even though the company recently received a $750 million cash infusion.

He also cited market efficiency, performance and productivity as key reasons to why the workers were given the boot and mentioned how the workers were unproductive as they were only worker two hours a day. But he stated that all this was necessary for his company to “move in order to survive”.

One of those unlucky 900 who were on the Zoom call recorded the moment they were sacked, which included a large amount of swearing.

In the footage, the worker could be heard saying: “F**k you dude. Are you f**king kidding me?”

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Three Men Found Guilty of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery

Three Men Found Guilty of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery

Three white men who ran after and shot a black jogger in Georgia have been found guilty of murder, a case which led to wave of nationwide racial justice protests.

25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead on the 23rd February 2020 after a confrontation with Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and their neighbor, William Bryan.

The jury came to unanimous decisions on Wednesday, at the Glynn county courthouse, convicting the shooter Travis McMichael on all nine counts, including murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. Greg McMichael was convicted on eight of the nine counts including felony murder and William Bryan was convicted on six of the nine counts. No emotion was shown by any of the men when the verdicts were made.

All three will now spend a minimum sentence of life in prison and will be sentenced at a future date.

Mother of Ahmaud Arbery, Wanda Cooper-Jones addressed reporters and supporters outside the courthouse, saying: “It’s been a long fight, it’s been a hard fight, but God is good,” she said. “To tell you the truth I never saw this day in 2020, I did not think this day would come … Thank you, thank you for those who marched. Thank you to those who prayed.”

“He will now rest in peace,” she continued.

Father, Marcus Arbery, stated that the verdict displayed: “We conquered that lynch mob. We got that lynch mob.”

Civil rights activist, Rev Al Sharpton, said: “A jury of eleven whites in court said that black lives DO matter… All whites are not racist and all blacks are not worthless.”

After the verdict was made, President Joe Biden said: “Ahmaud Arbery’s killing – witnessed by the world on video – is a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in the fight for racial justice in this country.

“Mr Arbery should be here today, celebrating the holidays with his mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, and his father, Marcus Arbery.

“Nothing can bring Mr Arbery back to his family and to his community, but the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished.

“While the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job, that alone is not enough. Instead, we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of the colour of their skin.

“My administration will continue to do the hard work to ensure that equal justice under law is not just a phrase emblazoned in stone above the Supreme Court, but a reality for all Americans.”

What Happened to Ahmaud Arbery?

Ahmaud Arbery went out jogging during the afternoon on the 23rd February 2020 on the suburbs of Brunswick in Georgia.

Resident Greg McMichael witness Arbery jogging and called the police as he believed Arbery mirrored the suspect in a sequence of burglaries that took place in Satilla Shores.

Police have stated that no reports were filed regarding these burgularies and that no stolen possession were found with Arbery.

The McMichaels went to arm themselves and chased after Arbery in a pickup truck down the neighborhood. Neighbor, William Bryan later joined their pursuit.

The jury heard a 911 call which took place where Greg McMichael stated to an operator: “I’m out here in Satilla Shores. There’s a black male running down the street.”

Travis McMichael testified in court affirming that he tried to talk with Arbery prior to the shooting while the other two were in the truck, but stated that Arbery did not respond.

He then left his truck and fired three shots out of the shotgun he had with him at Arbery. Travis McMichael maintained it was self-defence, saying that Arbery attempted to grab his weapon off him.

The three were arrested in May 2020.

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Rapper Young Dolph Shot Dead in Memphis

Rapper Young Dolph Shot Dead in Memphis

U.S. Rapper Young Dolph has been shot and killed at a cookie store in his hometown of Memphis, law enforcement has confirmed. He was 36.

Young Dolph, whose real named was Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, was shot outside Makeda’s Butter Cookies nearby Memphis International Airport at approximately 1pm, when a gunman drove up and opened fire, shooting through the window.

“The tragic shooting death of rap artist Young Dolph serves as another reminder of the pain that violent crime brings with it,” Memphis mayor Jim Strickland tweeted. “My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

Memphis police have stated that no information has been made available on the potential shooter, however a search was commenced.

The rapper’s talent agency, APA, said they were saddened by the news.

“The world has lost an icon, a great man and beloved artist who has been taken too soon,” the agency said in a statement.

“His dedication, drive, hard work and loyalty to all those around him always came first and he will be deeply missed.”

Young Dolph, was a popular rapper within the U.S., racking up 4.4 million followers on Instagram. He was known for his raw rap which depicted the life in the streets of Memphis. He released his debut album in 2016 titled ‘King of Memphis’, which reached number 49 on the Billboard charts. In total, Young Dolph had three top 10 albums with ‘Rich Slave’, released in 2020, peaking at number four. He has collaborated with many well-renowned US artists including Megan Thee Stallion, TI, Key Glock, Gucci Man, 2 Chain and many others.

Tributes have been flooding in from many influential figures within the music industry.

Chance the Rapper tweeted: “God bless Dolph. Real independent Memphis rapper born in chicago. loved by millions of ppl.”

Megan Thee Stallion posted: “I am sooo sick rn I am in disbelief! Praying for his family and friends ! Rest In Peace to my friend a true legend dolph”

Gucci Mane wrote: “R.I.P. to my friend Dolph this broke my heart”

Distinguished record producer, Omen, paid tribute saying: “we losing too many black men to poor health, racism, jail, etc. already. we gotta find a way to heal and not add to that with our own violence. prayers for young dolph family and friends. RIP.”

Dolph is survived by a son and a daughter.

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COP26 – What Were the Key Outcomes?

COP26 – What Were the Key Outcomes?

COP26 has been all over the news in the past couple of weeks, as world leaders from across the globe gathered in Glasgow in the UK with the aim of tackling global warming and bringing climate change under control.

On the last day of the two-week long summit, an agreement had finally been reached by the world leaders, labelled as the Glasgow Climate Pact. This pact, signed off by 197 countries, asks nations to adjust their future plans on how they can reduce their emissions efficiently, with plans of solidifying dedicated targets for 2030, by the conclusion of 2022.

However, there were a number of other significant agreements that were made. We look at 5 of the other significant agreements that were reached during the summit.

U.S. and China

One of the more surprising agreements to come from the summit involved the United States and China, with both signing a joint declaration pledging to cooperate on climate-related issues during the next decade.

The agreement committed both to “enhanced climate actions that raise ambition”. A variety of issues were discussed and agreed upon such as de-carbonization and methane emissions.

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, outlined that it was “imperative to cooperate”, while Xie Zhenhua, China’s top negotiator, stated that there was “more agreement between China and the U.S. than divergence”.

Renowned for being two of the biggest polluters in the world, pledging to cooperate is certainly a step in the right direction.

Coal and Fossil Fuels

In excess of 40 countries, which include Poland, Chile and Vietnam, have pledged to “accelerate efforts towards the phase down of unabated coal power” and quicken the disposal of “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies”.

Globalized nations have stated that they will gradually dispose of coal during the 2030s while poorer and less developed countries have pledged to phase coal out during the 2040s.

This agreement indicates the first time in history where fossil fuels have been explicitly mentioned in a UN climate agreement.

Coal is known for being the single largest contributor to climate change. Despite there already being reductions regarding use, it has still been in significant use during recent years. In 2019, coal produced approximately 37% of the world’s electricity.

Despite the number of nations signing up to this agreement, some of the world’s biggest users including the U.S. China and India, have not engaged with the agreement.


A significant number of financial organizations have agreed to back “clean” technology which includes renewable energy and divert the money out of reach from industries relying on fossil fuels.

The agreement, signed up by 450 organizations who control approximately 40% of the world assets, also states 2050 net-zero goals, such as limiting the rise of global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In addition, five countries, including the U.S., as well as a number of global charities have pledged $1.7bn to support indigenous people’s conservation of forests and also solidify their land rights.

While others, such as Scotland, have promised £1m ($1.3m) to support those who have suffered from climate-related disasters.


Leaders from over 100 countries that represent around 85% of the world’s forests, including Canada, Brazil, Russia and Columbia, have pledged to end deforestation by 2030.

This is key towards tackling climate change as trees can absorb carbon dioxide, one of the key greenhouse gases which add to global warming. Therefore, putting an end to deforestation will become a key strategy.

Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, said: “Forests are important to me because they cover more than 60% of my country.”

“We are committed to eliminating illegal deforestation by 2030,” he continued.


The U.S. and the EU have begun and initiative to reduce current methane emissions by 2030. The agreement, signed by a total of more than 100 countries, aims to cut these emissions by 30%.

Methane is a prominent greenhouse gas and at present, it is accountable for a third of global warming that is generated by humans. Processes such as the disposal of waste and cattle production are a big part of the emissions.

Despite a large number of countries signing up the agreement, significant emitters such as Russia, China and India have not signed up, however it is desired that they will join the agreement in due course.

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US Justice Department Sue Uber for Overcharging Disabled People

US Justice Department Sue Uber for Overcharging Disabled People

Uber have been sued by the US Justice Department for charging a “wait time” fee to disabled passengers.

The DOJ have claimed that the transport company’s “wait time” are discriminatory to those who are disabled and therefore need more time to board and do not abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act, as stated by the complaint filed in a San Francisco federal court.

The DOJ is asking the court to apprehend the policy as well as punish the company and compensate passengers.

Cited in the complaint was the service received by two disabled passengers which included a quadriplegic woman aged 52 who relied on Uber to travel back and forth from her home in Louisville, Kentucky, to a rehabilitation center.

Assistance attorney general for the DOJ’s civil rights division, Kristen Clarke, said the lawsuit aimed to drive a “powerful message that Uber cannot penalize passengers with disabilities simply because they need more time to get into a car”.

She continued by saying that transportation companies including Uber “must ensure equal access for all people, including those with disabilities”.

Uber responded by claiming that the wait time fees were not intended for disabled people.

An Uber spokesman, Matt Kallman, said: “Wait-time fees are charged to all riders to compensate drivers after two minutes of waiting, but were never intended for riders who are ready at their designated pickup location but need more time to get into the car.

“We recognize that many riders with disabilities depend on Uber for their transportation needs, which is why we had been in active discussions with the DOJ about how to address any concerns or confusion before this surprising and disappointing lawsuit.”

The waiting time fee was first introduced by Uber in 2016. Uber say that riders are charged on average lower than 60 cents, and that trips which require assistance or wheelchair access do not these fees included.

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Paul Rudd Named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine

Paul Rudd Named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine

Ant-Man and Friends star, Paul Rudd has been named as the sexiest man alive by People magazine.

The 52-year-old, who is also well known for roles in films such as Clueless and The 40 Year Old Virgin, took the title away from previous winner and fellow actor, Michael B. Jordan.

It was announced that he won the title of “sexiest man alive” during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday 9th November.

Speaking to People magazine, Rudd said: “I do have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘what?’

“This is not false humility. There are so many people that should get this before me.”

The actor also joked about how his wife was “stupefied” when he informed her the news.

“But you know she was very sweet about it,” he continued. “After some giggling and shock, she said, ‘Oh, they got it right.’ And that was very sweet. She was probably not telling the truth, but what’s she going to say?”

Rudd has been married since 2003 and has two children – Jack, aged 17, and Darby, aged 12.

When discussing how this award might change his life, Rudd said: “I figure I’ll be on a lot more yachts.

“And I’ll probably try to get better at brooding in really soft light. I like to ponder. I think this is going to help me become more inward and mysterious.”

He joins an esteemed list of winners of the award which have included Tom Cruise, Idris Elba, David Beckham, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, John Legend and many others.

The actor kick-started his acting career in 1995 when he starred in the teen comedy, Clueless featuring the likes of Alicia Silverstone. Some of his other early roles were in films such as The Curse Of Michael Myers and Romeo + Juliet.

Later on in his career, he gained bigger roles such as the Marvel hero Ant-man and therefore has featured in many of the Marvel movies including such as Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame.

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U.S. Borders Finally Reopen After 20-Month Ban

U.S. Borders Finally Reopen After 20-Month Ban

There were many joyful and emotional images and videos to come out of airport across the United States as many were reunited with friends and family after the nation reopened its borders after a travel ban lasting 20 months.

The borders officially reopened its borders to visitors on Monday, ending travel restrictions which had banned non-U.S. citizens traveling from 33 nations across the world such as the UK, China and India as well as overland entry from the bordering nations of Mexico and Canada.

To enter the United States, visitors will need to be double vaccinated. However, exceptions are made to children under the age of 18 and those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons. In addition, travelers over the age of 2 will need to provide evidence of the negative COVID test taken within the past three days but will not need to quarantine.

These restrictions were imposed by former president of the United States, Donald Trump, and were upheld by current president Joe Biden but had been heavily criticized. They were imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19 with U.S. borders closed to travelers from various parts of the world. This separated families for a significant period of time as well as heavily affect tourism.

Two flights, one British Airways and one Virgin Atlantic took off simultaneously from Heathrow airport in London landed into New York City, which signified the return of the one of the busiest flight paths. Arrivals at the John F. Kennedy Airport were greeted with rapturous applause and balloons by airport staff welcoming them to the country.

“Today is a day of celebration,” Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss said at the airport.

CEO of British Airways, Sean Doyle, was also present at the airport, welcoming arrivals to the United States and stated how important this moment was to get tourism moving again.

“Apart from the human aspect, it’s very important for business and trade that we get this corridor up and running again,” he said. “The links are very strong, and travel is a key part of enabling that economic activity.”

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Rapper Travis Scott Sued Following Concert Deaths

Rapper Travis Scott Sued Following Concert Deaths

US Rapper Travis Scott has been sued and is facing numerous lawsuits after eight people were killed and many others injured following a fatal crowd surge at the rapper Texas concert, Astroworld.

Houston-based lawyer Tony Buzbee has recently come out and stated that he will be filing legal action on behalf of at least 35 people. Fellow Rapper Drake is also included within the lawsuits with allegations claiming that they both “incited mayhem”.

Mr Buzbee also went onto say that the concert was organized “incredibly poorly” with “no thought given to the safety to the event” and as a result has also included the event’s organizers, Live Nation.

Among those who Mr Buzbee is representing include the family of Axel Acosta, a 21-year-old who was killed due to a cardiac arrest.

“When [Axel] collapsed, concert goers trying to escape their own suffocation trampled over his body like a piece of trash,” Mr Buzbee said.

Axel Costa’s father, Edgar Acosta added: “We’re trying to make things change in these types of events.

“Today it’s me, I lost my son. It could be you, it could be you.”

The concert, which took place on Monday 5th November, began to take a turn for the worst at around 21:15 local time when panic began to spread within the 50,000 strong crowd as a surge appeared at the front on the stage. As a result, eight people, ranging from ages 14 to 27 were killed in the surge.

One of those people who was affected by the surge, Manuel Souza, but suffered “serious bodily injuries when the uncontrolled crowd at the concert knocked him to the ground and trampled him” has filed a petition and is seeking $1m in damages. He is one of many others who are also seeking damage payments.

Travis Scott posted a tweet on Saturday affirming how he was “absolutely devastated by what took place” and also said in a statement that he was “committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need.”

Houston Police chief Troy Finner said he met with Scott and his security “for a few moments” before the event took place to discuss safety.

Investigations are underway with officials examining the health and safety measures of the event such as the design of the safety barriers and the use of crowd control. In addition, there is also an investigation into separate reports claiming that a person within the crowd was injecting concertgoers with drugs.

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Lifetime Income Effected Lack of Mental Health Treatment

Lifetime Income Effected by Lack of Mental Health Treatment

Yale University Professor, Barbaea Biasi alongside colleagues Michael Dalh of Aalborg University and Petra Moser of New York University have released a paper emphasising the the effects the lack of important treatment can have on careers. She states how mental health conditions do not receive the type of urgency as physical conditions by policymakers and doctors and therefore wanted to research the consequences.

“We thought it was really important to quantify systematically what the penalties are, even just in terms of people’s careers and productivity, to hopefully inform the debate about access to treatment,” Biasi said.

To view the full story, click here to visit the Yale University new website.

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Which Colleges are Best for Psychology?

Which Colleges are Best for Psychology?

If you believe that you can understand a human inside and out and dissect the way the human brain works then psychology is the major for you. In this piece, we go look deeper into what the study of the subject really means and provide you with a list of which colleges are the best for psychology.

What is Psychology?

If you choose to study psychology, then you will learn many things about the human experience. You will scientifically examine the way people think, behave, feel and in general interact getting a better understanding of the mind of a human being. The subject can also delve deep into the experiences of various animals. Psychology is one of the fastest growing majors in terms of popularity and profession and is becoming an important topic to study due to the spotlight increasing with regards to the importance of mental health across the world. As a student, you will go through the history of the subject, the key breakthroughs and become familiar with the most important psychologists in recent history.

Job Prospects

Job prospects after completing a Psychology major includes possible roles as a psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, teacher and social worker as well as possible research and media roles.


Listed below are 10 of the best U.S. colleges to study Psychology according to the QS World University Rankings 2021.

1: Harvard University

  • The department which was constructed during the 19th century under the scholarship of William James, has become renowned for spearheading the field. Some of the world’s most influential and famous psychologists in recent history have been known to come from Harvard. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

2: Stanford University

  • As one of the first departments to be formed at Stanford, it has had a long and proud tradition of being one of the best psychology departments across the world due to its trailblazing research and real-world impact. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

3: University of California – Berkeley

  • Established in 1921-1922, UC Psych has become famed for its innovative research in the field of psychology. Faculty is sprinkled with award-winners who have achieved success due to the ground-breaking research they have conducted. Many of their PHD students have gone onto have careers within some of the biggest companies such as Facebook and Google as well as within academia, healthcare and policy. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

4: University of California – Los Angeles

  • As stated by the professor and chair of the department, Annette L. Stanton, UCLA psychology department have goals to “advance the understanding of human behavior, cognition, and emotion, including functional and dysfunctional processes, across multiple levels of analysis; and promote human welfare through translational research involving intervention, dissemination, and implementation in psychology.” For more information about their psychology department, click here.

5: Yale University

  • The psychology department at Yale has five different research programs. Clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuroscience and social/personality psychology. This shows the levels in which the institution has gone to enhance research within the field with the various options offered to students. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

6: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  • Due to its high-quality faculty, prominent research and vast range of programs, psychology at the University of Michigan has always been recognized as one of the best in the US and the world. One of their commitments is “To create new scientific knowledge about psychological processes through first rate scholarship.” For more information about their psychology department, click here.

7: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Known as the brain and cognitive sciences department, their aim is to “reverse engineer the brain in order to understand the mind.” Focused research programs at the institution are cellular and molecular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, cognitive science and computational neuroscience. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

8: University of Pennsylvania

  • The psychology department at the University of Pennsylvania is known for being the oldest frequently functioning psychology department within the United States and as a result are renowned for their longevity and quality of research regarding the scientific study of the mind. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

9: Columbia University

  • Established in 1890, it is one the oldest psychology departments within the United States. Compared to most of the other institutions, this department is relatively small in size however it makes up for its high standards and excellent research. For more information about their psychology department, click here.

10: New York University

  • The department of psychology at NYU are known for their wide range of topics they research within the field making it one of the most popular majors at the institution. For more information about their psychology department, click here. 

Psychology is a study that would be ideal for students who are interested in people and also want to gain a better understanding in behaviors. Skills such as critical thinking, effective communication and problem solving would be beneficial. So, with the field gaining popularity across the world, make sure you jump on the bandwagon if you believe it is a good choice for you!

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