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Billy Gardner

Knitted Down there, Sewn to the boundless black stitches In our white spotted blanket. Creatures, Atop brown threads Puncturing the blue. The knots inside their tops Can't unravel what's true.

BBY: Best Buy to close 50 stores, stock drops

See the plan?

The jig is up and the news is out, Best Buy plans to close 50 unprofitable big-box stores by 2013. There plan, in attempt to save $800 million in cost reductions come fiscal 2015, is to open 100 smaller stores in the United States and another 50 in China. 

Since the release of this information, Best Buy stock (BBY) has dropped 8.5%. Best Buy’s Chief Executive Brian McDunn knows he’s losing out to the easy accessibility of an online market dominated by Wal-Mart and Amazon. He said on a recent conference call, “I’m not satisfied with the pace or degree of improvement,” Dunn said. “We still face an uncertain consumer environment. The changes will take time to flow through, but we are well positioned.” BBY is down as the company plans to cut $230 million in costs this year to generate savings in order to train store employees and spend money on promotions. 

The company did not identify the stores that led to the decline in BBY, only that it will be 50 of 1,100 or so stores. The company closed multiple stores in multiple countries last year, including 11 in the U.K. alone. BBY slumps and the mini-stores will appear in kiosks at the mall amongst other places. “The company faces the ongoing core challenge: the ability to simultaneously drive wrote in a note to clients,” wrote Christopher Horvers, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co., in a note to clients. 


Obamacare, Obamaville, 2012

Local man: “Scared the bejezzus out of me”


The soon-to-be bow-out, Rick Perry takes one last shot; some say below the belt, to the current President on the wake of a new term, a 2012 doomsday, and an Iranian nuclear crisis threatening $5 gas prices.

Obamacare in Obamaville depicts the bleak future of America under the Obama administration.

A candle goes out after showing a man with a gas pump pointed to his head, I don’t know if he’s going to kill himself or not but that’s gone cost him at least a 20. Oil per barrel is over $100 in Obamaville and with a good old fashion smack down rivalry dating back to biblical days about to erupt in Israel and Iran, Rick Perry decided to take it upon himself to scare the bejezzus out of Americans with his cautionary horror trailer, Romney has started getting endorsements for presidency, yes, but it will be Perry who turns out a winner, sort of like Al Gore against George Bush.

The fact still remains that Obamacare will require revamping 18% of the U.S. economy and have to extend insurance for over 32 million Americans, when asked what ideas he was open to about Health Care Reform; Mitt Romney said he’s open to ideas.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad may or may not get a nuke, Mitt Romney will definitely probably decide something, Obamacare in Ombamaville could take America on a face track hand basket to hell but in all certainty, Rick Perry will win a Spirit Award for some sort of upcoming independent film depicting what hell will look like for those who get abortions, fornicate before marriage or not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Autism Statistics Increase to 1 out of 88 in Children

See how much it increased

New statistics issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention displays that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders found in a sample of 337,000 8-year-olds (over 8% of the nations 8-year-olds) in 14 states is significantly higher than it has been in the past.

It is estimated now that one out of 88 children in the United States has autism or a related disorder. Among boys, the rate is one in 54. That is almost five times higher than girls who are at one 252.

“One thing the data tells us with certainty – there are many children and families who need help,” said the CDC Director Thomas Frieden. “We must continue to track autism spectrum disorders because this is the information communities need to guide improvements in services to help children.”

The latest study compiled since 2008, shows that autism is up by 235 since 2006. Speculation has arisen as to why this might be.

“We know that some of it is due to how children with autism are identified and served in their local communities,” Coleen A. Boyle, director of CDC National Cneter on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities told WebMD. “We do feel doctors are getting better at diagnosing autism. … But we don’t know how much is due to better identification and diagnosis, how much is due to availability of services, and how much is a true rise in prevalence.”

An interesting clue from the data shows that autism prevalence is higher in areas that are considered better at diagnosing autism in children. The CDC study coincides with a national health survey, Boy adds, “This method is really the gold standard for tracking autism. One thing we do know is we don’t overestimate autism prevalence.”

Earl Scruggs: death of the greatest banjo player

Natural causes

Earl Scruggs, the American musician noted for his influence on the bluegrass genre, died Wednesday of natural causes at a Nashville hospital. He was 88-years-old.

Earl Scruggs was a pioneer for the banjo. He went away from the popular clawhammer style of playing the banjo and created his own three-fingers style. Scruggs style of playing became internationally recognized as “the Scruggs picking style,” and the versatility is credited with expanding the instrument to almost every genre of music.

“It’s not just bluegrass, it’s American music,” country superstar Dierks Bentley told the Associated Press about Scruggs’s influence on music. “There’s 17- or 18-year-old kids turning on today’s country music and hearing that banjo and they have no idea where that came from. That sound has probably always been there for them and they don’t realize someone invented that three-finger roll style of playing. You hear it everywhere.”

According to Earl Scrugg’s documentary, the banjo picking phenom was born into musical family where everyone played the instrument, and he could apparently play the banjo by age 4.

Scruggs received much of his recognition when he was hired by Bill Monroe to be the banjo player in his band, the Blue Grass Boys. He also won a Grammy award in 1969 for the instrumental “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” and recorded “The Ballad of Jed Clampett,” which was the theme song to the popular show The Beverly Hillbillies.

Earl Scruggs is survived by his sons Gary and Randy.

Samantha Wopat: Stanford volleyball player tragically dies

At the age of 19

The Stanford campus is stunned to learn of the death of 19-year-old Samantha Wopat. The Stanford volleyball player and former U.S. Women’s Junior Team member died at Stanford Hospital on Sunday, eight days after being taken there for a medical emergency. She was placed in  intensive-care where she remained until her death. EPSN reported that she was surrounded by family, friends and teammates. The cause of death has not been disclosed to the public.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Sam Wopat,” Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby said. “She was an integral member of the Stanford athletics family and a tremendous student and athlete.” He also later added, “Stanford University and the women’s volleyball program have lost a wonderful young woman,”

Samantha Wopat and her twin sister Carly joined the Stanford volleyball team in 2010. During Samantha’s sophomore season, Stanford’s website reported that the young athlete appeared in 25 sets and averaged 1.16 kills per set.

Prior to joining the Stanford volleyball team, Wopat played on the U.S. junior national team. A year after later that team would compete at the world championships in Thailand.

Samantha Wopat is survived by her parents Ron and Kathy Wopat, her twin sister Carly and her younger brothers Jackson and Eli.

Zimmerman video with cops adds a twist to Trayvon Martin case

Not a mark on him?

A police surveillance video taken by police shows George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, with no blood or bruises on him whatsoever.  This video comes to light after Zimmerman claimed he was knocked down by the teen and had his head slammed against the ground multiple times.

The initial police report said that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head before receiving first aid from the Sanford Fire Department. Police claim he received aid before the video was taken at the station, but no evidence supports he was injured or treated, not having bandages or gauze on him.

Prior to the release of the video, Zimmerman claimed he was defending himself against the skittle laden teen. Trayvon was face down dead on the ground with a single gunshot wound to his chest. The funeral director in charge of Trayvon’s body told CNN, “I didn’t see any evidence he had been fighting anybody.”

George Zimmerman has not been arrested yet but the case has been turned over to the proper authorities for further investigation. A grand jury is scheduled to preside on the case April 10 but Special Prosecutor Angela Corey in charge of the case, told the Herald, “I foresee us being able to make a decision, and move on it on our own,”

See the Zimmerman surveillance video:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/N5OiLQjUcOU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Raspberry Ketone: Dr. Oz puts the capsule in high demand

Re-airing a previous broadcast

Health stores across the country will be attempting to stock up on Raspberry Ketone, the fat burning substance recommended by the dietician Dr.Oz. I say attempting because it would appear the demand for the Raspberry Ketone has skyrocketed. “It is amazing the demand that a show like Dr. Oz can generate,” says Chris Nicholl principle of Raspberry Tones. “Luckily, Raspberry Ketone is one of our primary products, and we had plenty of stock for both retail and wholesale customers, but it was a lot of work internally keeping up with all of the requests”

Dr. Oz originally made the announcement of the release in early February but plans to re-air 5 Fat Burners broadcast; Chris Nicholl says they will be ready, “At least we know what we are in for this time, and we are fully prepared to deal with the demand.”

The capsules contain 100% Raspberry Ketone and absolutely nothing else. Raspberry Ketone has been highly suggested by doctors and dieticians in helping lose and maintain body weight. It is enzymatic and helps prevent elevations in weight from high fat diets by mimicking the digestive process in supporting the breakdown of fats and foods. It is also suggestive that the product detoxifies and cleanses the body, ridding it of excess toxins.

To see the re-broadcast, check out Dr. Oz today. To get your hands on some of that sweet Raspberry Ketone, visit a local vitamin store.

Anchorman 2: Ron Burgundy announces sequel on Conan

See the announcement below

Will Ferrell made a surprise appearance last night on Conan. Dressed up in a burgundy suit and striped tie, Ferrell convinced everyone that he was actually Ron Burgundy. He joined Conan’s Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, throwing down a jazz flute solo before telling Conan O’Brien, “I like to keep my chops up, jam with the cats here … smoke a little tea afterwards, see if a little backstage Judy ends up on my lap.”

Ron Burgundy complimented O’Brien and wingman Andy Richter on their broadcasting skills; he did dish out a slight criticism though directed at O’Brien, “You look awful,” he said. “You look like someone put a bright red fright wig on a skeleton and chucked it out of a helicopter.” He told Andy Richter, “You look great, don’t change a thing.”

He was not just there to display his flute skills or chit chat with the host; he is a newsman, and with that he had an announcement, Anchorman 2 is in the works. “I want to announce this to everyone here in the Americas,” he said. “To my friends, in Spain, Turkey and the U.K., including England … as of 0900 Mountain Time, Paramount Pictures and myself, Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy, have come to terms on a sequel for Anchorman. It is official; there will be a sequel to Anchorman.”

Anchorman 2 will be a follow up to the escapades of the 1970s news broadcaster Ron Bugundy. Ferrell will be writing the script, and Adam McKay will return as director. McKay told MTV News he expected much of the cast to return for Anchorman 2, including Paul Rudd and Steve Carell. “We had an idea and we contacted Steve and Paul and Koechner and Christina and checked in with everyone and they were all game for it,” McKay said. “It’s a tricky movie because everyone went and did really well after it, so everyone’s prices went up and everyone’s time got a little more valuable. But at the same time, graciously, Steve and Paul and everyone agreed to cut their price to come and do it, which you don’t see very often in Hollywood — and cut their price substantially.”

No news on how long it will be until the world is quoting one-liners from Anchorman 2, but production begins at the end of this year. 

See the announcement on Conan.

Supreme Court Heath Care Law Hearing Heard

Some sides on the matter

The central piece of Barack Obama’s biggest legislative accomplishment is jeopardy.
Supreme Court Health Care law, aka the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, some say, aka the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not exactly is being weighed on heavily.

Never before in our nations history has Congress attempted to force Americans to purchase a product, in this circumstance, the government cut deal with insurance companies that agreed to expensive regulations in exchange for the government forcing citizens to buy their product, oh and the government would get hundreds of billions in tax dollars from subsidies.

So, if outcome number one happens, and the Supreme Court Health Care decision does allow the law to stand, then any industry with lobbying power would fight for a law forcing citizens to buy their products, not to mention the private insurance companies crippled and the eventual government takeover of healthcare.

On the other side of things, if the Supreme fails to completely strike down the law, then Congress and the president will have to correct the court’s error and restore a “constitutionally limited government,” which means, an even important decision for voters in the upcoming election.

After here what the statements, of the alleged swing vote, by Justice Anthony Kennedy, CNN’s Jeffry Toobin called the morning, “a train wreck for the Obama administration.” He concluded saying, “This law looks like it’s going to be struck down.” Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said after hearing Kennedy, “I’m not predicting he’s going one way or another, but I was very heartened by the questions he was asking.” We’ll all just have to wait.

Amare Stoudemire out for the season

Bulging disk in his back

With only a month left in the regular season, Amare Stoudemire and the New York Knicks suffered a devastating blow when the high flyer is now reported to be out for the season with a bulging disk in his back.

“You don’t wish it on any player, especially Amare, who’s a big part of what we do,” Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson said Monday. “All we can is just hope that it’s not as serious as it may be and that he has a speedy recovery.”

An MRI done after the Detroit victory on Saturday confirmed that Amare Stoudemire did not need back surgery but was out for the season and will be treated with rehabilitation. With point guard Jeremy Lin also out with a sore right knee, much of the pressure left in the regular season falls on the Knick’s highest paid player, Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony scored 28-points in last nights win against the Minnesota Bucks, his highest scoring game since Jan. 20 against a loss to the same team. “I’ve just got to step my game up,” he said. “We’ve been winning. As far as scoring the basketball, we really haven’t been needing that. It’s been pretty much spread out but now with them two guys, there ain’t no telling what’s the situation with them. So it’s just time for me to step my game up in all aspects.”

Jeremy Lin has been labeled as day to day with Amare Stoudemire labeled as indefinite and out for the season. The Knicks play Orlando on Wednesday.