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Jefferson County Colorado Fire Leaves One Dead

Despite a “calm” day

Investigators are trying to figure out the cause of death associated with a body found amid the Jefferson County Colorado wildfire.

Jacki Kelley, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, says the Lower North Fork Fire is more than 3,000 acres. 15 to 25 structures have been destroyed by the fire and she went on to tell 9NEWS “at least a handful of homes” were also lost to the flames. The office released statements saying “The Ponderosa Pines will typically burn hot and continuous until they are nothing more than white ash, and added, “Heavy tree canopies combined with high temperatures and a lack of humidity are contributing to the volatile conditions as well.” Over 900 residents have been forced to evacuate.

More resources are being shipped to Jefferson County Colorado and over 100 firemen were there on duty today. The winds this month have made it increasing difficult to combat the flames, but official are hopeful today, due to the milder winds, that air support will be utilized.

“We had crew’s available, aircraft available, so the fire was able to get staffed very quickly,” said Steve Segin, spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service. “But when you have 40 to 50 mph winds, there’s not much you can do. With winds like that, you’re reacting to the fire.” He reported no firefighters had been injured but knows it is day to day and is happy that today it remains “pretty calm.”

The name of the person that allegedly died from the Jefferson County Colorado fire has not been released.

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