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Dennis Rodman: broke and unable to pay child support

Billy Gardner

Dennis Rodman: a history of alcoholism

He does have to pay $50k a month though

It turns out Dennis Rodman’s wrestling career didn’t turn out to be the moneymaker he’d hoped. The former dominating Chicago Bulls rebound star is broke, that’s right, dead broke and he is rendered unable to pay an “unjustified” amount of child support.

Dennis Rodman’s manager told today that Rodman has,    “well-documented drinking problem, and all the stress from the divorce and not seeing his kids isn’t helping. As people know, it’s a daily struggle. He has good days and bad ones and good weeks and bad weeks.”

Dennis Rodman entered into rehab in Florida 2008, in 2009 he was on the show Celebrity Apprentice that eventually led to an intervention, which included former coach Phil Jackson, he would appear on the third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and later on the second season of Sober House. Along with alcohol troubles, the often flamboyant b-ball player had legal troubles, from misdemeanors from a domestic disturbance with former wife Carmen Electra to multiple charges of DUI.

Prince said he was not in an inpatient program but, “”He does see a counselor from time to time.”

Dennis Rodman’s attorney, Linnea Willis, reported to the Los Angeles Times he “is broke and cannot afford any additional fees,” in court papers filed today. She also added that he is “extremely sick.”

He is expected to pay $50,000 a month and Willis said, “It is absolutely untrue that Mr. Rodman failed to pay child or spousal support. Mr. Rodman has always provided support to his family to the best of his ability and will continue to do so.” She went on to say that Michelle Rodman’s lawyer, Jack Kayjanian is putting forth “a smear campaign.”

If unable to make payments the maximum punishment Dennis Rodman could face is 20 years in jail.

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