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WI-8500 EVAC On-Ear headphones pack a surprisingly big sound

Editorial Staff

These days, people want the most of their headphones. In addition to exceptional sound quality and penetrating bass, they also are treated as a fashion accessory. Headphones now must be as chic as they are practical. Luckily, the people at Wicked Audio have all of their bases covered with their line of headphones going above and beyond the call of duty.

Their WI-8500 EVAC On-Ear headphones look like typical on-ear headphones that are retailing these days with huge rounded retro style and a canvas headband to appeal to the trendier crowds. It is for this reason that I expected the Wicked Audio EVAC to sound like one of the average on-ear headphones that you can pick up at your local Walgreens, however I was pleasantly surprised.

The EVAC headphones are definitely focused on the bass aspect of the sound with the on-ears packing a huge punch, rivaling the Dre Beats (which I find EXTREMELY overrated and GROSSLY overpriced) and many other headphones in the same $60 price range as the EVACs.  The sound clarity is also very good for a pair of headphones that hold so much bass.

The only thing that I really wish the EVAC had was a microphone on it to answer calls, since 95% of the population are listening to music on their smartphones anyways, the integration of a microphone is definitely becoming a necessity for headphones.  Another issue I had was the folding aspect of the headphones, they folded inwards, but the extenders on the side always stuck out awkwardly, which makes it nearly impossible to neatly tuck it in anywhere.

Other than that, the sound quality is pretty solid for $60.  Find out more about the WI-8500 EVAC headphones HERE.

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