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Suge Knight NOT arrested in connection with Tupac murder

Scott Hixson

Suge Knight not arrested in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur, despite Twitter rumors

Despite recent Twitter posts the infamous hip-hop mogul remains free of murder charges

Suge Knight has not been arrested in connection with the 1996 unsolved murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Suge Knight remains free despite a flurry of Twitter posts Monday that alleged he had been charged with the murder of the popular hip-hop figure.

The Death Row records owner, whose real name is Marion Knight Jr., was the last person to see the legendary rapper alive; though, he is now claiming Shakur may well be alive.

The criminal record of Suge Knight stretches back decades to 1987 and includes numerous charges of drug possession, assault, probation violations and another recent drug possession charge on Feb. 10 in Las Vegas.

The record industry mogul was the driver of the car, in which Shakur was a passenger, the night a drive-by shooting allegedly killed Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that Shakur may still be alive. Others believe Suge Knight ordered the assassination of the popular rapper along with that of another hip-hop icon of the time, the Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace), whose 1997 drive-by murder remains unsolved.

Suge Knight has never been charged in connection with either of these crimes though his relation to Tupac Shakur and presence at the time of his reported death has led many to suspect he knows more than he will admit.

Suge Knight claims the reason police cannot find the rapper’s killer is because there was never a murder. Knight appeared on the Los Angeles radio station 93.5 to claim that Tupac may, in fact, be playing golf in South America with Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. A claim many of us might find unbelievable. Suge Knight maintains this position, having stated: “Maybe the question is … Pac’s not really dead … Pac’s somewhere else. Nobody seen Tupac dead.”

Tupac Shakur recently has surged into the news with a spectral appearance at this year’s Coachella music festival. The hologram of the famous rapper has led many to once again believe the rapper continues to walk amongst the living.

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