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Roger Clemens reportedly threatened McNamee

Scott Hixson

Roger Clemens battles details of HGH use in perjury trial

The former baseball icon battles lurid details of his reported HGH use

Roger Clemens is battling public scrutiny as it is revealed he threatened anyone that would turn him into authorities by claiming he would send “his people” after them, according to the Federal government’s case against the once famous, now infamous, former MLB Cy Young Award winning pitcher. 

Roger Clemens is embroiled in a seemingly endless legal dispute, in which he is accused of perjury before a Grand Jury. The perjury charge stems from a federal investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball in which Roger Clemens testified he had never used steroids or human growth hormones (HGH). The current litigation focuses on proving Clemens’ testimony was falsified through proving Clemens knew he was receiving injections of HGH. The case rests heavily on the testimony of former assistant strength coach Brian McNamee.

Testimony in the trial recently revealed Roger Clemens threatened McNamee, fearing the strength coach would turn Clemens into the authorities. Jurors were presented with a copy of an e-mail from 2006, in which Rocket22 (Clemens) threatened to send “his people” after anyone who would snitch on him to authorities. In reply to this, McNamee responded by assuring Clemens that he would not rat him out but would instead “hop on a plane, find [Clemens] and slap [him] very hard” if he was implicated in the case.

According to McNamee’s testimony, he personally injected both Roger Clemens and his wife, Debbie, with HGH. McNamee claims he injected Clemens with steroids dating back to the 1998 season when Clemens was a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. During the New York Yankees 2000 championship season, when both Clemens and McNamee were employed by the team, McNamee has said Clemens told him, “I’m ready to start up again.”

McNamee has testified that he injected Roger Clemens with HGH some “10 to 20” times during the 2000 season alone.

McNamee also testified that he felt “creepy” while injecting Clemens’ wife, Debbie, with HGH at the request of her husband. McNamee stated, “It didn’t feel normal or right. Part of me asked, ‘Why couldn’t Roger do this? He’s seen how I do it enough times.’”

The trial testimony must be awfully riveting as it is reported that two jurors have been removed for, of all things, sleeping. With testimony like this, and in a trial that seems without end, who could blame them?

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