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Nike NFL uniforms revealed today in a different kind of New York fashion show

Brittney Elkins

Nike NFL uniforms were debuted today. The biggest change was to the Seattle Seahawks' former jersey (above). The new jersey features a deeper blue, silver letters, and neon piping. They also received a helmet logo revampl

Glitzy event in Brooklyn launches not-so-dramatic jersey changes.

Nike NFL uniforms are the hot topic of the day, but despite the glitzy launch event, no crazy changes were made.

Nike NFL uniforms are nothing like the uniforms Nike designed for college teams such as the Oregon Ducks. Nike took over uniform and gear design from the previous NFL partner Reebok, and the changes are more of an evolution of the old duds.

Subtle differences in the Nike NFL uniforms include lighter fabrics and more contoured fits that Nike claims will keep defenders from tugging and pulling at offensive players.

The Seattle Seahawks’ jerseys received the biggest makeover. A deeper blue, touches of neon, and a revamped helmet logo were the highlights of the Seahawks’ designs. The jersey now features 12 feathers on the side to represent the team’s “12th Man.”

Many had feared that the Nike NFL uniforms would be too drastically changed. In the end, the team owners still had the final say, and there are guidelines set by the league, so Nike wasn’t able to take too many liberties with the uniform designs.

The Denver Broncos also had a big change. They went from a navy jersey to an orange one. Nike expects more teams to revamp their uniforms in the coming years, but apparently were not aiming for a uniform revolution.

The Nike NFL uniforms were created as part of a five-year exclusive deal the company signed with the NFL. Nike reportedly paid $1.1 billion for the apparel rights.

Whether you were expecting a total overhaul of tradition with the Nike NFL uniforms release, or you were praying that your favorite team’s uniforms would stay the same, it seems that most people are happy with the outcome of today’s event.

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