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Easy and Affordable Tips to Cozy Up Your Dorm Room

Charlie Fletcher

Easy and Affordable Tips to Cozy Up Your Dorm Room

It can be a little scary to show up to your dorm room for the first time. It’s probably small, bland, and lacking personality. Everything in your dorm should have its place so it’s clean and organized, then you can add your decorations. Do it right, and you can beautify the space without breaking your budget.

Add Bookshelves

One way to make the dorm room more cozy is to add a bookshelf that you can place on the floor. Use it to hold your pictures and knick-knacks or store your shoes or clothes if you don’t have space in a dresser. In addition to beautifying the space, this is also a good way to clean up your dorm.

If you let things get out of hand, your dorm room can become dirty and verge on dangerously unhealthy. Letting dirty or sweaty clothes sit for too long in the hamper can lead to mold, which can cause respiratory issues. So, clean, fold them, and put them in the dresser or on your shelf. Also, wash your bedsheets at least once every couple of weeks to eliminate germs.

Decorate While Improving Air Quality

While you’re decorating, look for ways to improve air quality in your dorm. Fresh, clean air can help you to breathe easier while also making you happier as it revitalizes your emotions. That’s why people say they want to get outside to take a breather. Good air is also vital for your focus during long study sessions.

Be aware of the signs of poor air quality, including foul odors or constant dust on furniture and shelves. Other indicators could include health issues, like sickness, unexplained allergies, and headaches. These side effects are unpleasant and will certainly prevent the sense of calm you desire.

In addition to opening windows, vacuuming regularly, and dusting, you can use plants to make your dorm cozy and the air clean. Many plants will absorb harmful particles from the air, so you’re not breathing them in. Some gorgeous plant species that will help you live healthier include philodendrons and peace lilies. Also, an aloe vera will add a bit of personality to a smaller dorm room.

Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own decorations is one of the most inexpensive ways to cozy up your dorm. You can buy fabric at the store and make your own curtains or pillowcases. You can also adorn the walls with collages of your favorite pictures from friends back home and new acquaintances at school. Another fun DIY project is to use a clothesline to hang a string of photos across the wall.

Art lovers can paint pictures or make crafts to fill empty spaces. One fun craft project involves making DIY bookends with bricks you find around campus or at the hardware store and then painting them fun colors. Another idea is to make a DIY shoe rack out of pieces of cardboard. You can also search online for additional ideas.

Find Items Online or Shop For Pre-Owned Items

If you’re not the artsy type but still want to stick with the trends on your minimum income, there is hope. One way to do so is to visit thrift shops or find pre-owned items. All pre-used items in these stores are quality-checked, so you know you’re getting a great style for an incredible price. If you want to go to the main brand stores, sign up for their email list, keep an eye out for sales and discounts, and don’t buy until you find what you want in your price range.

You can also comparison shop. While some decor items like bedsheets, pillows, and curtains may be exclusive to a specific store, many others are sold at different places online. Complete a quick search, see which companies provide a discount or promo code, and get the perfect item without spending too much.

Play With Lighting

One way to feel relaxed in your dorm is to add mood lighting, which you can do by hanging string or twinkle lights. You can also buy a dimmer switch for an existing lamp and set it to your preferred lighting when you want a softer vibe in your dorm.

Dimmed light can be nice, and so is sunshine, so consider keeping the drapes and blinds open during the day. Natural light can be very comforting, and it can keep your circadian rhythm in line so you can sleep better at night. Sunlight can also improve your productivity, focus, and overall mood due to the vitamin D it supplies.


There are many ways to turn a dorm room into a home, and you don’t need to put a dent in your student loan fund to do it. Look for sales, use free sunshine, and create your own crafts, and you can make the dorm your own.

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