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Malaysian Flight 17 and the Irresponsible

The Disrespect of 295 Victims

Myself, and most everyone else have been watching the coverage of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that was shot down (who shot the missile is STILL unknown) over eastern Ukraine since about 10:30 am (central time).  The Boeing 777 crash site is near the town of Torez, which is in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine and is occupied by Russian rebel forces.  The plane was reported at nearly 33,000 feet (32,000 feet is the legal altitude of flight in that area).

All of the usual suspects (President Vladimir Putin, President Obama, and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsenly Yatsenyuk) in the Ukrainian dispute chimed in with their condolences to the families of the victims.  Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak went to Twitter stating that an investigation will be launched immediately.

This is a good thing to hear for the families of the almost 300 dead in the crash.  However, it was reported that the Russian rebel forces were not allowing anyone into the crash site and that they have retrieved the black box for the plane.  It was reported that the black box is being sent to Moscow.

Aviation experts cautioned people about jumping to any kind of conclusions about the crash this early, however all I have been listening to since 10:30 this morning are halfwit TV journalists giving every opinion on what they think happened to Flight 17 and the 295 people dead. 

From working in the news industry I do understand.  I understand that this is the kind of news that the industry dies to get their hands on so they can give a call to every expert they know, every freelance guy overseas and all of the internet trolls they have to research any angle they can think of.  You can’t forget to give all of the politicians they can give airtime to and of course the biggest news that they keep pushing; the big possibility that a U.S. patron was on board.  Yeah, let’s keep throwing that idea into every other sentence and rev up all of the crazy corn-fed ‘Murica boys into an all out fake social media frenzy.

I also love how the media once again got down on President Obama about not saying anything about the incident.  Then when he does say something, our media is immediately complaining about how little he actually said.  The fact is that there really wasn’t much to say about the crash.  Nobody really knew anything yet! 

What I’m sure we will more than likely find out is that the Russian Separatists probably fired the weapon.  If that’s the case, President Obama might actually have a leg to stand on in his back and forth debates with Putin.  What this might show Putin is that it is irresponsible to have supplied these rebels with training and weapons, if he in fact did supply them.  That still isn’t known for sure either.

What we may be dealing with is the dumb cousin effect.  You know what I’m talking about!  We all have that one stupid cousin that everyone makes excuses for.  In this case we might be dealing with dumb cousin Viktor who saw the plane and instead of waiting for an order, thought, “Hey, I could be a true hero to my countrymen, “and tragically took down Flight 17 and its 295 people.  Viktor, this is the dumbest thing you might have done!

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