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Barbie: Beautiful and Bald?

Cancer survivors are lobbying for a Barbie without her hair to help support children with cancer.

An online movement has surfaced to give Barbie a new makeover; this time Barbie will be going bald to fight cancer, according to USA Today. 

A Facebook page titled, “Beautiful and Bald Barbie,” was started a few days before Christmas in an attempt to get Mattel Inc. to create this doll. 

 Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham came up with the idea in an effort to help support children with cancer. And what better way to do that than with a familiar and favorite childhood toy. 

The two friends,who live on opposite ends of the country, have had personal experience with this subject. Bingham lost her hair due to chemotherapy and Sypin’s 12 year old daughter lost her hair because of her battle with leukemia. 

Though Mattel has yet to comment, the women had said that they have submitted general forms letters and the company merely sent back that they did not receive ideas from outside sources. 

“We’re not demanding that the company do anything,” Sypin said Wednesday. “We’re just hoping somebody sees this and can help us make it happen.”

Since the movement, people have requested that it reach out to boys as well and soon the birth of the bald G.I. Joe movement began. 

Critics has suggested Barbie simply have her hair shaved off and it would make the same point. Bingham tried this and posted the results: clumpy patches of hair left to make a point to the critics. 

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