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iPhone 6: 3D pictures, wireless charging and “magic” home button

Michael O'Neill

The new sleek iPhone 6 with a "magic" home button and wraparound screen

New designs will revolutionize the face of the iPhone brand

Rumors have rapidly circulated this past week about the upcoming iPhone 6. Though it seems like just yesterday the iPhone 5s and 5c were released.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a completely new overhaul of previous versions. The biggest changes will come to the overall design of the iPhone.

The new design will likely have a wraparound screen, which means there will not be a border around the screen. The larger screen will see an increase in width and length. Sources have said that the screen will be anywhere from 4.7-inch to 6-inch display. Designers may push to have a full 1080p HD resolution as well.

Another feature that will surely bring joy to iPhone users is the wireless charging feature. This means no more searching for outlets and plugging in your phone. Instead, your iPhone only has to be within a certain distance of a charging station to receive a charge. This will eliminate the short iPhone cables and the necessity to wait by an outlet while your phone charges.

The new processor will likely have a quad core A8, which would make it the best processor on the market. The new iPhone 6 will probably be coupled with the release of the iOS 8 software update.

Other important changes will be eye tracking technology and a 13-megapixel camera that will allow users to take 3D pictures.

The iPhone 6 will contain a premium liquid metal casing which will make it even more slender than the iPhone 5s. The entire bottom border of the phone can be used as the home button as well. This is called the “magic” home button as there isn’t really a button at all. Simply tapping the bottom of the screen brings you back to the home screen.

The official release date of the iPhone 6 has not been announced, but insiders suggest it could come as soon as June. Other sources claim we will have to wait until later in September of this year.

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