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Tips for Moving Out of Your Dorm

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Tips for Moving Out of Your Dorm

Summer is FINALLY edging near, but with that comes the loathsome task of packing up and moving out of your dorm. The secret is in the organization, and Sharone Ben-Harosh, CEO of FlatRate Moving has shared with College News his top tips for stress-free moving.

Have a plan

Whether you are moving your belongings back home, to an off-campus apartment or into storage, you should have a plan before you begin moving out of your dorm. This can all depend on if you are taking summer classes, graduating, studying abroad or if your parents have enough space to house your extra belongings. Be sure to document everything, either in a notebook or on your phone. Through this process you are going to have to make note of important dates, times and prices.


There is no better time to declutter than when you are packing up and getting ready to move. This is one of the few times that you make a decision about each and every item you own—to keep or not to keep? There is no point in boxing away things that you are inevitably not going to use. To streamline the decluttering process, have a box or bin handy for donations while you are packing.

Consider hiring professionals

Instead of renting and driving a truck potentially across the country, consider hiring professional movers. Be very careful and make sure you hire a well-established, reputable moving company that will be able to move all of your belongings with little risk of damages/loss of your items. Also, ensure that you ask for a binding or “not to exceed” price quote so you won’t be surprised with any hidden extras when you have to pay the check after moving out of your dorm.

Stay organized

In order to stay organized when packing, use translucent bins or labeled cardboard boxes so that when it is time unpack, your belongings are easily accessible. A trick Sharone often suggests, is instead of folding your clothes, keep them on the hanger and insert them into recycled garment bags or place a garbage bag over the top of the cluster of hangers and cut a hole in the top creating a make-shift garment bag. This ensures that your clothes stay clean and you can easily transfer them from one closet to another.

Coordinate the Details

Often times, many schools require students to coordinate a time and date for moving out with their Resident Assistant (RA). They will give you a move out time, tell you where to park your car or the moving truck and also let you know what checklist items you need to complete before your final departure from the dorms.

Do you have any tips for moving out of your dorm? Let College News know!

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