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Idiot Congressman calls for Obama impeachment, compares him to Saddam Hussein

Alex Furlin

Look at that smug little smile. Stop smiling, you idiot.

Rep. Steve Stockman stupidly calls for impeachment over gun-related executive order

Once again furthering the image of Congress as a collective idiot haven, Texas Representative Steve Stockman called for an impeachment movement against President Barack Obama should he exercise his legal, constitutionally-granted power of executive order to tighten gun control, likening Obama to Saddam Hussein. Obama is set to unveil his new gun control policies later this week.

Stockman wants Obama impeached he feels that House Republicans are “pushed around” by the White House. If we can set aside the fact that this makes no sense, Stockman goes on to say that there are many options to essentially circumvent any ounce of power Obama can wield, and impeachment is one of them.

“He is even using children,” Stockman said. “It reminds me of Saddam Hussein when you use kids.”

The children Stockman referred to are the 20+ grade-schoolers murdered at Sandy Hook elementary, so it’s hard to see how you wouldn’t use that as a great example to promote gun control. But to Stockman, wanting to prevent future child murders by using an example is equivalent to being Saddam Hussein, an impeachable offense.

Stockman says that the threat of impeachment will “defend the Constitution”, even though Obama is dong literally nothing outside of his consitutionally-granted powers, and he’s just being a dangerously reactive partisan tool. Impeach this guy instead.

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