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Colorado wildfire spreads rapidly

Sara Hall

Colorado wildfire is raging at an alarming rate.

More than 37,000 acres already destroyed

A Colorado wildfire has spread rapidly, and there currently seems to be no end in sight.

While wildfires seem to pop up every year, the High Park Fire in Larimer County has already burned almost 37,000 acres and destroyed more than 100 structures, positioning it to be a wildfire disaster.

Approximately 400 firefighters are currently working to put out the seemingly never-ending blaze.

No containment currently exists for the Colorado wildfire, and officials say any possible containment is dependant on the weather.

Firefighters are hoping for cooler weather, higher humidity and calmer winds to help calm the Colorado wildfire.

The Colorado wildfire is currently burning in the mountains about 15 miles west of Fort Collins, moving at one mile-per-hour, which is a fast rate for any fire, according to officials.

“It is a very aggressive fire, fuel driven, wind driven, and the winds have not been favorable,” Nick Christensen, a Larimer County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said in a statement. “The brush, timber and grasses are very, very, dry.”

The Rist Canyon area is reportedly experiencing especially bad damage from the Colorado wildfire.

The state’s website provided a bright-orange air warning today, extending all the way to El Paso County.

Combined with allergies, doctors are warning citizens to take extra caution towards stepping outside to prevent any flare-ups induced from the air quality as a result of the Colorado wildfire.

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