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Lifestyle & Fashion lets you dish your disastrous hookups

Editorial Staff lets you dish while protecting your reputation

Hookups have become a normal part of college life, but that doesn’t mean they all always end well. Now, the guys over at are giving college students the opportunity to dish on their disastrous hookups while keeping their reputations intact.

Created in August, is the brainchild of students Kevin Lance and Matt Weaver. Currently, the site serves the ACC, Big 10 and SEC conferences, but with over 45,000 hits under their belts, expansion is undoubtedly in the future.

The site’s concept is simple enough. Students are able to post their own experiences, as well as comment on and rate others’ titillating tales. The site also guarantees 100 percent anonymity, and each post is screened prior to being posted to ensure that no one’s reputation is put in jeopardy.

Each post on BootyDrop is categorized according to whether they’re bootylicious or booty fails, making navigation easier and more fun.You can even find your own school and gossip about the hot hookups happening in your own hall.

So go on, drop a booty tale or two and rest assured that your secret is safe with us.

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