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Wireless PC to TV Pro Review

Josh Smith

Turn your television into a PC monitor!

There are certain expectations you have when it comes to PC hardware. You expect it to be easy to install, easy to use, and to be useful. Diamond Multimedia’s “Wireless PC to TV Pro” meets those expectations and by doing so gives users the ability to treat their television as a PC monitor. College students, particularly those living in cramped dorm rooms or small apartments, typically don’t have the space or the financial means to maintain a PC with dual monitors. Also, most of the popular laptop monitors are 15” to 17”, which makes watching your favorite movie on iTunes or Netflix a challenge. Not anymore.

Installation is as easy as plugging the dongle into your PC’s USB port and dropping in the included disc to handle the software. The receiver connects to your television via VGA, which doesn’t support high definition, or through the included HDMI cable, which does. At that point your television is simply another monitor hooked to your PC, no need for a particular video card or having to purchase another monitor.

The quality is perhaps the most surprising feature of the device, as users can stream up to 1080p to the attached TV. Additionally, the audio is sent via 5.1 digital, ensuring that your entertainment experience is at its height. With a range of up to 30’ you’d be hard pressed to find a situation that this wouldn’t be ideal. Unfortunately line of sight is necessary, meaning you can’t stream to another room which may limit the overall use of the device. In fact, even walking in front of the signal can cause audio and video stutters to occur. Despite that, with a clear signal the quality of both video and audio is impeccable.

The way the device executes itself, as a second monitor rather than just a streaming device, is beneficial to users as it allows one tasks to be performed on each individual monitor; work on that important paper while watching your favorite movie on Netflix. If you’re not a student though, there are still benefits. Because most offices lack devices that can use HDMI input, the VGA connection allows for important presentations to be viewed in business meetings without the need of tangled cables running underfoot.

The Wireless PC to TV Pro is a device that you don’t know you need until you own it. After that, you’ll find that the benefits it brings to your PC experience are some you cannot live without. Whether you’re a student, a businessman (or woman), or a parent, having the ability to stream movies, games, or presentations adds another layer to your PC experience. Finally, with a retail price around $105.00 it will cost you far less than springing for a new video card and the monitor required to achieve the same results. If you need a second monitor or find yourself battling for use of the one you have now, this device is for you.

Check out the full specs at Diamond Multimedia’s website.

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