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Danica Patrick crashes the Daytona scene

Billy Gardner

Danica Patrick wearing her Go Daddy sponsor

She is 3 for 3 in crashes

Danica Patrick has wrecked in her last three races, and they were not necessarily her fault. The latest crash came this past Monday.

Just minutes into the Daytona 500, Danica Patrick was rounding her second lap when she found herself caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jimmie Johnson, the five-time NASCAR champion hit a wall and rolled back on the track. Danica could not avoid the other out of control cars caused by Johnson and said she was “speechless,” telling reporters after the race, “I didn’t really know what to say. I just pretty much kept my mouth shut and just sat there. Just breathe.”

Danica was still able to complete the race and thanked her crew for their tremendous response, “People were working hard to get me back on the track. Was there much to gain as far as position wise? No. But what there was to gain was for me to get the experience of running out there.”

She would finish at the thirty-eighth position and said she played it safe, considering her car, and possibly due to the fact she’s crashed some many times recently. “I ran in packs for a little while, the car was a little bent-up so it didn’t feel perfect. As it got later and later in the race, I just didn’t want to play a part, didn’t want to have an influence on it,” she added.

Patrick knows she needs to “get up front” in order to avoid crashes, especially early crashes. But, she stated, “Then again, you need that experience to get further up front, which is what I’m trying to get.”

Danica Patrick left IndyCar to focus her full time on the NASCAR season. Daytona is just one of the ten Sprint Cup Series that Danica Patrick plans on racing this season.

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