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Can we Afford Affordable Healthcare?

Editorial Staff

Obamacare will insure many people who previously lived without coverage, such as individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Republicans claim that Obamacare is unaffordable.

The intended purpose of the Affordable Care Act is clear. The attainability of affordable healthcare is not quite so obvious.

According to an Enquirer rate analysis, costs of healthcare under the Affordable Care Act will vary. Factors which influence the cost of healthcare include age, location, specific plan benefits and whether an individual qualifies for subsidies.
Many Republicans have argued that the act will not succeed in providing healthcare that is affordable. The lowest cost plan will still cost $3,000. However, this doesn’t factor in subsidies and tax credits.

“Those subsidies are what really make the plans affordable,” Lenisa Vangjel Chang, assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, told Mansfield News Journal.
The health care plans include bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The affordability of these plans also ranges, with bronze being the cheapest, covering only 60% of medical bills, and platinum being the most expensive and covering nearly 90% of costs.
The question of affordability is subjective of course. Critics of Obamacare argue that the plans remain unaffordable. However, for many people without healthcare the Affordable Care Act will be exceedingly beneficial.

“For someone with a pre-existing condition, they’ve been forced to pay up to half of their income to have health insurance. Now, health insurance for them will become much more affordable,” Said Chang.

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