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Kara Menini

Levi Johnston still hasn't grasped the concept of birth control

Alaska native announces pregnancy with girlfriend of about a year

Levi Johnston is going to be a father for a second time. The same guy who became famous because he was the baby daddy to Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who was pregnant during her mothers campaign during the 2008 elections. His son, Tripp, is now three years old but Levi Johnston has had a rocky relationship with the Palin family for most of his son’s life. “Myself and my family, we try to see Tripp whenever we can but it’s funny even trying to talk to Bristol and make it right,” Levi Johnston told TMZ. “I’m still going to fight for Tripp and do everything I can but I’m really looking forward to being able to raise my new child the way I want to.”

Levi Johnston is fathering baby number two with his current girlfriend, 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby, who he has been dating for just over a year. According to reports, Oglesby, who lives in Wasilla, Alaska, is only a couple months along, but Johnston’s rep confirmed the news with Us Weekly. The couple has said they are “really excited” about the news. Johnston told TMZ, “Sunny and I are looking forward to raising a baby together.”

Levi Johnston admitted the baby news came as a bit of a shock but said, “Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it.”

The Seattle Seahawks new uniforms saw the most change by Nike

Nike’s 5-year contract with NFL started with tweeking teams’ uniforms

The Seattle Seahawks new uniforms have sparked the most coverage. Though all of the NFL teams saw slight changers to their own uniforms, only the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms are the product of the biggest makeover.

The Seattle Seahawks new uniforms were designed by Nike, kick starting the company’s five-year contract with the NFL who had just gotten out of a ten-year contract with Reebok. For the most part, the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms, whose colors are inspired by the Pacific Northwest wilderness (College Navy, Action Green, Wolf Grey), have gotten positive feedback from the public. The News Tribune polled fans on how they felt about the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms and about 65% gave them a thumbs-up.

The Seahawks went into detail to explain the changes of their new uniforms. The “broad chest graphic outlining the shoulders echoes the stance of a Thunderbird totem.” “Feather-pattern graphic on helmet, in numbers and on pants represents natural elements of the Pacific Northwest, again inspired by the coastal Indian art,” and the “Nike uniform is 20% lighter, 50% stringer and provides more of a shrink-wrap fit that previous models.”

The Seattle Seahawks new uniforms have sparked discussion, but Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin took to his Twitter to put perspective on the conversation, “Whether you like the new uniforms or not, the game doesn’t change. I’d rather have a winning record in sweatpants than a losing one in silk.”

Check out the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms on Nike’s website!

Giuliana and Bill appear on the Today Show to discuss baby plans

Couples reality show, Giuliana and Bill, also premiered its fifth season this week

Giuliana and Bill Rancic went on the Today Show on Monday to discuss the continuation of the plan they had before Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer: having a baby. Giuliana and Bill also debuted its fifth season this week, kicking off the season with the Giuliana’s diagnosis and how the couple dealt with the awful news.

Giuliana and Bill found out about the early stage breast cancer when Giuliana did a mammogram that was required of the fertility clinic they were going to. On the season premier of Giuliana and Bill on Monday, Giuliana broke down remembering how she felt when she found out, “It’s not easy talking about it because it’s like the worst second of your life it’s like awful – it’s like everything you expect that conversation to be like – it’s 100 times worse – it’s a million times worse.” She had been alone, since her husband was out on a charity mission. She also had a hard time telling her mother about her diagnosis over the phone, she said it was almost as bad as finding out herself. She said the conversation was heartbreaking, “I just started falling apart, she was so sad, I felt so bad.

After undergoing a double mastectomy in December, Giuliana and Bill are excited to try to start a family again. Giuliana told the Today Show, “We are definitely having to explore other options. We absolutely want a child. As far as getting pregnant myself, with the medication I’m starting… it’s probably not going to happen any time soon.”
Giuliana and Bill also spoke about how their relationship has changed because of her health issues. She said it had “brought us so much closer together. It’s actually helped us find the humor in everything, because when you go though something this tough, you have to, at some point, laugh and get back to your normal life.” She continued, “And that’s what Bill helped me do … It’s really reinvigorated our relationship in many ways, and we’re closer than ever—that’s for sure.”

Giuliana and Bill also plan to renew their vows this summer, “Big party – celebration of life,” Bill said.

Flying car prototypes means the future is here!

Two companies have recently had successful test flights for their flying cars

The flying car is now part of the modern world, and if you should have $300,000 lying around, you would have the choice of two different kinds. A U.S. flying car company, Terrafugia, and a Netherlands company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) have recently completed several successful test flights with their products. Terrafugia’s flying car, the Transition, looks like a compact airplane where the PAL-V’s flying car is an automobile-helicopter hybrid.

The flying car from Terrafugia will debut its “roadable aircraft” on Friday at the New York International Auto Show. The Transition will cost around $279,000 and should be available for purchase by the end of the year: Terrafugia has already accepted one hundred $10,000 deposits. The flying car, born in Massachusetts, can reach about 70 miles per hour on the road and 115 miles per hour in the air. The Transition has a 23-gallon tank that takes regular unleaded gas, and it burns five gallons per hour in the air and gets 35 miles to the gallon on land. It has a flying range around 500 miles.

The flying car from the Dutch company, which remains nameless, is much different in look and function from the Transition. The PAL-V flying car is still in the developmental phase, but has been looking for investors in hopes the car can soon be sold to the general public. The company is expecting the flying car to sell for about $300,000. This flying car can reach speeds up to 110 miles per hour on land and in the air and has a flying range of about 325 miles.

These two flying cars, however, have almost nothing in common. The LA Times gives great descriptions of both. The Transition “is really more of a roadable aircraft, rather than a flying car — think of it as a light sports aircraft with collapsible wings that has been cleared to drive on highways.” The PAL-V flying car “flies in the air like a gyrocopter with lift generated by an auto-rotating rotor and forward speed produced by a foldable push propeller in the back. It has three wheels, a narrow base- but a high center of gravity and on the ground it drives sort of like a motorcycle thanks to a patented “tilting” system.” They do have one thing in common though—don’t expect to be able to avoid traffic because both of them need runways.

Check out the test flights for the flying car by Terrafugia and the flying car by PAL-V.

Mega Million jackpot is biggest in lottery history

Someone might be $640 million richer after tonight’s drawing

Mega Millions jackpot is up to a ridiculous $640 million, making the whole country rush to their nearest convenient store to try their luck in a game that has a 1 in 176 million chance of winning.  Whether it’s buying a ticket for yourself or going in on an office pool, it’s fair to assume everyone in the country has given at least a dollar to the lottery in the past week. 

Playing the Mega Millions isn’t as easy for everyone as one might think.  Apparently, Nevada does not have a lottery so Nevada residents had to travel in order to buy a Mega Millions ticket. At 9 a.m. this morning, 1200 people lined up at the Primm Valley Casino Resorts Lotto Store, which is located just across the border in California. The Washington Post reported that the store, although 40 miles away from the strip, is the closest place to Las Vegas to buy a ticket. Wanna-be ticket holders waited three hours to get their hands on their own numbers.  A director of operations said a Las Vegas boxer came into the store and bought $20,000 worth of tickets on Thursday.

Mega Millions lottery odds of winning seem impossible when compared with other things that are more likely; like getting struck by lightening. The Washington Post reported it is more like to have identical quadruplets than win tonight’s jackpot, which has already broken the record for the largest lottery prize in history.

If no one wins the tonight, it is estimated that the jackpot will rise to almost $1 billion, which would raise an issue as lottery billboards do not have enough digits for the potential prize.

Eagle cam lets viewers watch nesting from Day 1

Two nests in Maine are being monitored by BRI

Eagle cam is a new bookmark to add as something you check obsessively alongside your Facebook.  The Biodiversity Research Institute of innovative wildlife science installed its first eagle cam in February of 2006 in order to capture and do research on the breeding and nesting of eagles.

The first eagle cam captured the nesting of a pair of eagles that produced two nestlings, or baby eagles. There are two different nests that can be viewed; one is an aerial shot of an eagle nest hat has not laid it’s eggs yet, and the other camera is a view from the side of the nest where there has been a confirmation of at least one egg.  There is a chat window next to each cam where viewers will track the activity of the eagles. The two nests are located in an area of Maine that has a history of successful nesting.

To view the eagles, go to briloon.org and tune in! The website also gives information about nesting eagles. “Eagles build their nests (which may reach as wide as 10 feet across and weigh up to one-half ton) near the top of large trees, typically close to lakes and rivers. Breeding bald eagles lay eggs once each year, usually in early spring; the eggs, up to three in a clutch, hatch in about 35 days. The young eagles, called nestlings, learn to fly by three months of age, and can be on their own about a month later.”

All the waste the Duggars make in a year could fit into a single trashcan

Michelle Duggar’s ignorant comments about overpopulation turn heads

The Duggar family has been in the news lately for something other than the announcement of another pregnancy.

The Duggars have been showing their support for Rick Santorum but more recently, Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the family, has gone public with her idea that overpopulation is “a lie.”

Yep. This is coming from the woman whose family’s environmental impact is outstanding. Although Michelle says the family only uses things that most people throw out (used cars, thrift stores), it’s hard to deny the amount of waste a family of 21 can create. They spend $3,000 a month on groceries, which includes 16 boxes of cereal and seven gallons of milk a week, their home has nine bathrooms and seven showers, four washers and dryers, and when they hit the road, the family needs one bus for the bodies and one bus for clothes and other supplies. This list doesn’t even include the amount of energy the camera crews use when filming each season.

The Duggars, best known on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, are conservative Christians and live their lives based on fundamentalist biblical beliefs. The children are home schooled, even through college, the girls keep their hair long and wear modest clothing, and the boys keep their hair short. When it comes time to date, the Duggars practice chaperoned courtship where the couple abstain from any physical contact, including kissing until the day they marry.

The Duggars started out by charming America with their all-American values, their cutsie J-named kids and Michelle soothed us with her melodic voice, but now they’re getting too political to be loved by the nation. Michelle’s ignorant comments will make people look at the Duggars with a suspicious eye from here on out.

April is Autism Awareness month

Advocacy groups around the U.S. are excited to spread awareness for autism

Autism has been a hot topic this past decade, thanks to celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and autism groups calling attention to the disorder that affects about 1 in 88 American children. Autism advocacy groups will be working hard this month as April is Autism Awareness month. One way to spread awareness is to change out regular porch lights with blue-colored bulbs.

Autism has risen a staggering 1000% in the past 40, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC). The question of why is a much debated topic; some believe the increase is due to changes in the definition of autism and the answer is simply that more children fall into the spectrum, while others believe that autism is an ‘epidemic’ and research must be done to find out why more kids than ever are being diagnosed with it. The Huffington Post reported, “Experts, including CDC researchers, think broader screening and better diagnosis have largely contributed to that. But autism’s cause remains a mystery, and government researchers are seeking answers.” According to PsychCentral.com, “Autism is a developmental problem and is a disorder found within the broader category of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that appear in early childhood—usually before age 3. Though symptoms and severity vary, all autism disorders affect a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others.” The most commonly known, milder form of autism is known as Aspergers syndrome. No matter what side you stand on, however, there have been multiple studies that show early detection and therapy will increase an autistic child’s chances of developing at a more normal pace and therefore averting future problems. Michigan just signed a bill that will require insurance companies to start covering therapy for autistic children beginning October 1; a big win in the battle against autism.

Unfortunately, one of the issues that children of autism must deal with is bullying. CBS reported, “According to the Kennedy Krieger Institute, children with Asperger’s may be more prone to bullying because they’re often placed in typical classrooms in regular schools. The Institute also said certain behavioral traits including clumsiness, poor hygiene, rigid rule-keeping, talking obsessively about a favorite topic, frequent meltdowns and inflexibility may make children with an autism spectrum disorder more prone to bullying.”

Autism is still widely misunderstood, which is a big reason why a whole month has been dedicated to the disorder. A mother of an autistic girl told the Huffington Post, “I think many people hear ‘autism’ and think Rain Man,” said Melissa Miller. “The autism spectrum is so vast, and all of our children are different. Many of them don’t rock back and forth or have savant skills. They are sweet, affectionate, intelligent, goofy—and exhausting—kids.”

Bohemian Rhapsody sung in its entirety by drunken man in the back of a police car

Police video has gone viral

Bohemian Rhapsody has been re-born thanks to a drunken Canadian who was picked up by police. Robert Wilkinson uploaded the video himself, so he could share it with friends. The tape was released to him because he decided to defend himself in court and was given an evidence disclosure package.

Before entering into Bohemian Rhapsody, originally performed by the group Queen, the man feels the need to contest his arrest: “I have done nothing wrong and even the situation where you grab me has nothing to do with having been sort of intoxicated, as you proclaim. And I didn’t say that I was intoxicated when you grabbed me and I haven’t [drunken slur] but it doesn’t even matter. What it has to do with the brotherhood of man on the planet earth.”

At this point in the video, the man rips off his glasses and starts singing Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety. Both the vocals and music are beautifully yelled by the 29-year-old man from Edson, Alta., until the very last line where he yell-sings, “Nothing really matters, even the RCMP.” The man, looking satisfied in his performance, puts his glasses back on and sits back. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer, having sat through all of Bohemian Rhapsody, gets out of the car to take the man into custody. When the door is opened, the man asks if he has to be cuffed. The officer responds with asking him if he will become physical and the man responds, “Physical violence is the least of my priorities.”

The Bohemian Rhapsody protégé has apparently pleaded not guilty to charges of impaired driving and not guilty to refusing to take a breathalyzer. His court date is set for November.

Check out the video on YouTube!

Adrienne Rich, feminist poet, dies at the age of 82

Jewish poet leaves behind quite a legacy

Adrienne Rich has died at the age of 82 from complications with rheumatoid arthritis. Adrienne Rich was a Jewish poet whose works of literary art have influenced anti-war, feminist and gay rights activists for generations.

Adrienne Rich was born to a Jewish father and a Protestant mother in 1929. She grew up in a time when not much was expected of women; Adrienne Rich was encouraged by her father, who was a doctor at and medical professor at Johns Hopkins University, to write poetry at a young age. She attended Radcliff College where she graduated in 1951and was awarded the Yale Younger Poets Prize for her first poetry book, A Change of World.

Adrienne Rich married Alfred Conrad, a Harvard University economist, in 1953 and had three sons. Her time as a mother and wife brought her back into writing, where she started to evolve her identity. Adrienne Rich had always gone through different phases and has, herself, recognized that. She wrote in Delta, “If you think you can grasp me, think again.” Haaretz.com wrote on Rich’s identity, “In her brilliant 1982 piece, Split at the Root: An Essay on Jewish Identity,Rich wrote, ‘The experience of motherhood was eventually to radicalize me; but before that I was encountering the institution of motherhood most directly in a Jewish cultural version; and I felt rebellious, moody, defensive, unable to sort out what was Jewish from what was simply motherhood, or female destiny.” In 1970 she left her husband for Michelle Cliff, a writer and editor, who she stayed with until her death. Shortly after she left her husband, he committed suicide.

Adrienne Rich was recognized for her poetry with numerous awards including a MacArthur “genius” fellowship, the Bollingen Prize, Brandeis Creative Arts Medal, two Guggenheim Fellowships, a Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize as well as many others. Adrienne Rich was also known for her strong political opinions on many issues including the numerous wars she lived through. In 1997, Adrienne Rich refused to accept the National Medal of Arts from President Clinton because she claimed the administration had “cynical politics.”

Adrienne Rich left behind a legacy that many communities are grateful for. A longtime friend of the poet, W.S. Merwin, a Pulitzer Prize winner, said of her, “She was very courageous and very outspoken and very clear. She was a real original, and whatever she said came straight out of herself.”