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Gallagher has come out of a coma!

Kara Menini

Gallagher wakes up from medically-induced coma

Watermelon smashing comedian is already telling jokes and moving around

Gallagher, the comedian most known for smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer on stage, has been woken up by doctors from his medically-induced coma a week after suffering a mild to serious heart attack. 

Leo Anthony Gallagher, simply known as Gallagher, has been cracking jokes since the moment he woke up. His promotional manager, Christine Scherrer, said he recognized his family immediately and started talking with them. She said he is breathing on his own and moving around.

Scherrer said of Gallagher, “We’re not sure how long the doctors will want him to stay yet.  So far so good, can’t wait to have him back!” 

Gallagher was rushed to a hospital last Wednesday after he started to experience severe chest pains before appearing live for a show in Texas. At the hospitals, it was confirmed that Gallagher had suffered a mild to serious heart attack where doctors felt it was necessary to put the comedian in a medically-induced coma.  Gallagher had two stents replaced after collapsing on Wednesday. 

Gallagher suffered a heart attack a year ago during a performance in Minnesota.

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