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Michael O'Neill

is a graduate of Murray State University and a Freelance Writer residing in Chicago. He is a lover of politics and history, hater of radio and misspelled words. He dreams of living in a cabin and writing famous novels. Cliché much?

Ten ways the government shutdown is screwing us over

Three days and counting


With the October 1 government shutdown millions of Americans have been negatively affected through no fault of their own. Intransigent Republicans in the House of Representatives have continued to deny a clean budget resolution that would put all of this shutdown mess behind us. The government has been deadlocked for three days now.

Though the president and Democrats in both houses of Congress have called for a solution, Republicans refuse to move forward. In the end, the budget standoff has already begun to hurt millions of people. Here are ten huge ways the government shutdown is screwing us over.


1.     Scientific research comes to a halt due to lack of federal funds

2.     Thousands of military servicemen and women not being paid

3.     Financial aid becoming harder to get

4.     Head Start and food stamps programs shut down

5.     Families denied survivor benefits from firefighters, police, etc.

6.     Search for missing women and children put on hold

7.     Thousands of workers told to stay home

8.     Veterans benefits stalled

9.     Treatment for cancer patients cancelled

10. Congress still gets paid!

New Bigfoot video, DNA evidence used as proof for existence

Over 100 DNA samples analyzed

Bigfoot is real and always has been.

The Sasquatch Genome Project, headed by Dr. Melba Ketchum, has released a new video purporting to exhibit the mythical Bigfoot. The group of scientists have researched and collected over 100 pieces of DNA evidence, including hair, blood and skin samples. These new samples come from some sort of human-animal hybrid, as it doesn’t fall into either traditional category.

According to research, Ketchum estimates that Bigfoot arose around 13,000 years ago.  They also state that Bigfoot is some sort of human relative and lives in North America.

The Sasquatch Genome Project, in conjunction with The Erickson Project, analyzed 111 pieces of Bigfoot evidence from 34 different research sites. The samples were collected from 14 states and two Canadian provinces.

The group project manager, Dennis Pfoul, commented on the new evidence, “we’ve all had experiences that have changed our lives, I mean, literally shook our foundation of what we believe in.”

Some scientists have already come out against the new Bigfoot evidence, calling it “junk science.” As with all Bigfoot stories, skeptics are quick to deny the video and DNA samples as false.

The new HD video was screened in Dallas yesterday at a news conference.

Check out the video below.


Miley Cyrus goes nude, says she'll never twerk again

New issue of Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus has blown up the airwaves recently starting with her much referenced “twerking” at the VMA’s. She followed that up by breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth. Now, Miley graces the most recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine wearing nothing at all.

On the cover, Miley is completely nude, only sporting her signature platinum blonde updo and her tongue hanging from her mouth. The 20-year-old star has moved from one outrageous moment to the next.

Millions of viewers have witnessed her twerking and her nude music video for her single “Wrecking Ball.” Miley, however, states that she isn’t who people think she is.

In her Rolling Stone interview, Miley admits that “I think it’s an important time not to Google myself. It’s like, ‘Miley thinks she’s a black girl, but she’s got the flattest ass ever. I’m like, ‘I’m 108 pounds! I know!’ Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I’ll probably never do that shit again.”

It seems that Miley Cyrus is very aware of the backlash against her after her provocative gestures in public; ie., foam finger, latex bikinis, tattoos, nudity, etc.

Though Miley’s star continues to rise, so does the increasing scrutiny surrounding her. Parent groups, critics and celebrities alike have come out against her antics. Though she acknowledges the embarrassment related to her public persona, it is unclear whether she shall change her ways soon.

For those just interested in seeing Miley Cyrus nude, check out the newest issue of Rolling Stone.

South Park arrives in 3D

Opening sequence is changed

South Park’s 17th season debuted yesterday to much fanfare surrounding its opening sequence.

The South Park intro has been a staple for nearly two decades and is instantly recognizable by fans and critics alike. The 30-second intro was revamped for last night’s episode.

Instead of the traditional 2D sequence, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone opted for a 3D animation. The new video gives more life and dimension to the characters. It also provides a better portrait of the town of South Park, Colorado.

The 3D move is in anticipation of the South Park video game, entitled The Stick of Truth, that is due for release on December 10. The 3D game will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The internet choir of social media critics has come out strongly against the new South Park intro. Die-hard fans reacted with Facebook posts ranging from “I hate the 3D s**t! It completely ruins everything!!,” to “not a fan. Seems like your bloody old Xbox game graphics.”

The rest of the show was animated in the same 2D way that fans are familiar with. The outcry against 3D animation seems to be a bit exaggerated and premature on the part of critics.

Only 30 seconds of the show was changed. The rest is the same, people.

Checkout a clip of the opening sequence below.


This guy has a nose on his forehead

Yes, on his forehead

In a tale that seems to come out of a nuclear wasteland, a Chinese man has a nose growing on his forehead. A real nose growing on his forehead.

The man, named Xiaolian, has received a surgical attachment of new skin tissue on his forehead, per doctor’s requests. This is not a medical horror story, however.

Xiaolian began suffering from a severe nose infection after a traffic accident. His original nose was left deformed after the infection corroded away the cartilage. Doctors were unable to fix this problem despite their best efforts.

The only other option available for Xiaolian was to undergo a surgical transplant of a new nose. Doctors placed an expander under the skin tissue in his forehead. Once the skin stretched out, doctors took cartilage from his ribs and implanted it into his forehead. They then molded the skin into the shape of a nose.

The new nose is completely his own. The nose will continue to grow until it is ready to be transplanted to the center of his face. His deformed nose will be removed, while the new one takes its place.

Local media reports that the surgery could occur soon.


Can the Eagles stop Peyton Manning? Probably not.

Manning putting up record numbers

Coming off another stellar performance against the hapless Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is set to face off against a Philadelphia Eagles defense that pummeled him in his last game with the Indianapolis Colts.

Manning put up lackluster numbers the last time he faced the Eagles. He had a 67.0 QB rating, one touchdown and two interceptions in the loss. Current Eagles Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Trent Cole and Brandon Graham are the only remaining players from that 2010 Eagles defense. They are now looking to repeat their performance with the same result this Sunday.

Graham states “once he finds out what you’re doing, he’s going to pick you apart. We have to make sure as a front that we get to him. As soon as his first read is gone, we should be there. We have to take away that first read and make sure we get some pressure on him and get him off his spot.”

If the Eagles can force one or two mistakes, while keeping Manning off the field, then they may have a shot at dethroning the Hall of Famer. A loss to the Eagles will be the first loss of the season for the 3-0 Broncos.

Despite their defensive prowess, it will no doubt be difficult to stop Peyton Manning again. He currently is leading the league in all statistical categories for a quarterback. Three games into the season, Manning has already posted 12 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 1,143 passing yards, a completion percentage of 73.0 and an overall QB rating of 134.7.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos are early favorites to reach the Super Bowl. Manning is on pace to throw 64 touchdowns this year, 14 more than the league record. 

Melissa Joan Hart’s drug-filled, lesbian past

New autobiography coming this October

Melissa Joan Hart, best known for her starring role in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” has released a new autobiography entitled “Melissa Explains It All.” Readers have been shocked by some of the wild claims made in her book.

Among other things, Melissa Joan Hart admits to experimenting with several drugs including marijuana, ecstasy, mescaline and mushrooms. In one instance Hart showed up to a Maxim photoshoot high on ecstasy after attending a party at the Playboy Mansion the night before.

She goes on to state that during an ecstasy-fueled stupor she made out with another female inside of a limo. The one drug she never touched was cocaine, though she was allegedly offered the drug by socialite Paris Hilton. Through all of her drug years, Hart maintains, “I was kind of running with a bad crowd. I just didn’t like taking drugs. I don’t like the loss of control.”

Melissa Joan Hart, now 37, also claims she had intense makeout sessions with actor Jerry O’Connell and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Neither of the two have denied or confirmed her statements. One celebrity she steered clear of was Ashton Kutcher. Hart claims Kutcher was a smartass and the two have never got along.

Hart’s book “Melissa Explains It All” is scheduled for release on October 29. 

Jon Gosselin’s downfall: Waiting tables and living in cabin

No Internet or television

Jon Gosselin, from TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ fame, has not only fallen out of the public eye, he has fallen completely off the grid.

Living in a cabin in Pennsylvania without Internet or television, Gosselin is trying to piece his life back together after years of celebrity gossip, controversy and a messy divorce from his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin currently waits tables at Black Dog Cafe in his native Pennsylvania. Sources claim Gosselin doesn’t make more than $40 or $50 during a weekday shift. That’s a far cry from his 2009 heyday of making $22,500 per episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

With eight children and an ex-wife to pay for, Gosselin is certainly feeling the pain of making ends meet. Child support payments and excessive legal fees forced Gosselin to fall behind on rent payments in recent years.

Jon Gosselin claims it’s “next to nearly impossible” for him to find work. Being shunned by employers for his rocky celebrity past, Gosselin struggles to escape the never-ending cycle of tabloid gossiping and inquiry.

Gosselin states that he has “hit rock bottom like 20 times,” in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” Sources close to Jon spoke with the “Enquirer” stating “just a few years ago, he was jetting off to France to hobnob in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht. Now he’s waiting tables at a pub!”

Gosselin claims people overestimate how much money he really made during his show’s run, though states that he prefers to live off of the grid now. His current employer, Black Dog Cafe, is certain to receive a few extra customers this week from the added publicity.

No word yet on his next scheduled waiting shift.

iTunes 11.1 released with iO7 update, Genius Shuffle, iTunes Radio and more

Revamped iTunes comes ready with user-friendly features

iTunes 11.1 was released today in connection with Apple’s Wednesday release of the iO7 software update.

The new iTunes 11.1 update is available through iTunes and the Apple website for Mac and PC users. The new features have received positive reviews across the board.

iTunes 11.1 replaces the iTunes DJ with Genius Shuffle, a new feature that pairs similar songs together. The new Genius Shuffle is designed to be smarter and more detailed than the former iTunes DJ feature.

New podcast stations are also available. Using iCloud technology, your favorite podcasts will automatically update with new episodes for your listening pleasure.

Perhaps the most anticipated change to iTunes 11.1 is the iTunes Radio feature. In a direct move to challenge Pandora and Spotify in the music-streaming market, iTunes Radio is a free online streaming service with over 250 custom radio stations. iTunes Radio allows users to carefully construct their favorite stations by adding of skipping songs.

The free version of iTunes Radio contains advertisements between songs, similar to both Pandora and Spotify. An ad-free version is available to paid users and subscribers of iTunes match.

iTunes 11.1 also interacts more efficiently with the new iO7 software update. Syncing, managing and backing up your iPhone is now easier to use via the iTunes home screen.  Updating apps and managing folders is also easier to do, all while multitasking within iTunes itself.

Apple fans are sure to be impressed with the new changes to the iTunes experience. 

Powerball winner is now $400 million richer

Cash payout of $223 million

Powerball lottery players were severely letdown on Wednesday when one lucky winner in Lexington, South Carolina struck gold and took home the coveted $400 million prize.

The unknown recipient of the fourth largest lottery jackpot in US history picked the winning numbers: 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19.

The odds of winning the jackpot were an astounding 1-in-175,223,510.

The South Carolina Powerball winner has yet to come out in public and will likely not do so anytime soon. Under South Carolina lottery guidelines, winners have the option of remaining anonymous.

The winning Powerball ticket was sold at a gas station in Lexington, a town of roughly 18,000.

The lucky Powerball ticket holder is the only winner in the country and is expected to receive and estimated cash payout of nearly $223 million after taxes.

Though this $400 million Powerball winner is now able to retire on his/her newfound income, the prize amount still pares in comparison to the $590.5 million winner four months ago in May.

But who’s keeping score.

One thing is for sure. We will never be as lucky as the mystery person form South Carolina.