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Sexting, Sydney Leathers doom Weiner one last time

Michael O'Neill

Sexting gone wrong

Sydney Leathers crashes concession speech

Anthony Weiner finally bowed out of his comeback bid for New York City Mayor. The former New York Congressman was embroiled in another sexting scandal with 23-year-old, porn-hopeful, Sydney Leathers.

Anthony Weiner lost the Democratic Primary, coming in fifth. During his concession speech on Tuesday, none other than Sydney Leathers showed up for the spectacle. The media circus swirling around the event was perfect for entertainment tabloids and gossip mills as Leathers appeared with new breast implants and a low cut top. She was forced to sneak past security through a side door in order to get in.

Weiner’s concession speech, with Leathers in the room, was the final in nail in his political coffin. He could never outrun his past mistakes and desires.

The sexting scandal is reminiscent of Anthony Weiner’s 2011 departure from Congress after he was caught sending nude pics to several women via Twitter. The surrounding controversy and ethics investigations forced Weiner to resign from New York’s 9th Congressional district.

Living in the political doldrums for nearly two years, Weiner staged his triumphant comeback by running for New York City Mayor. The Weiner campaign was hopeful that his brand of in-your-face politics and high name recognition would translate to victory in November, but old habits came back to haunt Anthony Weiner.

Weiner has now become the poster child of politicians-gone-wrong. His career is now virtually over, while his sextmate Sydney Leathers looks to spin her newfound fame into a modeling/porn career.




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