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iTunes 11.1 released with iO7 update, Genius Shuffle, iTunes Radio and more

Michael O'Neill

iTunes 11.1

Revamped iTunes comes ready with user-friendly features

iTunes 11.1 was released today in connection with Apple’s Wednesday release of the iO7 software update.

The new iTunes 11.1 update is available through iTunes and the Apple website for Mac and PC users. The new features have received positive reviews across the board.

iTunes 11.1 replaces the iTunes DJ with Genius Shuffle, a new feature that pairs similar songs together. The new Genius Shuffle is designed to be smarter and more detailed than the former iTunes DJ feature.

New podcast stations are also available. Using iCloud technology, your favorite podcasts will automatically update with new episodes for your listening pleasure.

Perhaps the most anticipated change to iTunes 11.1 is the iTunes Radio feature. In a direct move to challenge Pandora and Spotify in the music-streaming market, iTunes Radio is a free online streaming service with over 250 custom radio stations. iTunes Radio allows users to carefully construct their favorite stations by adding of skipping songs.

The free version of iTunes Radio contains advertisements between songs, similar to both Pandora and Spotify. An ad-free version is available to paid users and subscribers of iTunes match.

iTunes 11.1 also interacts more efficiently with the new iO7 software update. Syncing, managing and backing up your iPhone is now easier to use via the iTunes home screen.  Updating apps and managing folders is also easier to do, all while multitasking within iTunes itself.

Apple fans are sure to be impressed with the new changes to the iTunes experience. 

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