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Powerball winner is now $400 million richer

Michael O'Neill

Money, Money, Money!

Cash payout of $223 million

Powerball lottery players were severely letdown on Wednesday when one lucky winner in Lexington, South Carolina struck gold and took home the coveted $400 million prize.

The unknown recipient of the fourth largest lottery jackpot in US history picked the winning numbers: 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball 19.

The odds of winning the jackpot were an astounding 1-in-175,223,510.

The South Carolina Powerball winner has yet to come out in public and will likely not do so anytime soon. Under South Carolina lottery guidelines, winners have the option of remaining anonymous.

The winning Powerball ticket was sold at a gas station in Lexington, a town of roughly 18,000.

The lucky Powerball ticket holder is the only winner in the country and is expected to receive and estimated cash payout of nearly $223 million after taxes.

Though this $400 million Powerball winner is now able to retire on his/her newfound income, the prize amount still pares in comparison to the $590.5 million winner four months ago in May.

But who’s keeping score.

One thing is for sure. We will never be as lucky as the mystery person form South Carolina.

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