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Dennis Rodman says he's too broke to pay child support

Alcoholism impacts his ability to get work

Dennis Rodman is on a downward spiral, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be making his way back up anytime soon.

50-year-old Dennis Rodman is facing a possible 20-day stint for contempt of court unless he comes up with $860,376 in child and spousal support by May 29. He could possibly serve community service time instead.

Dennis Rodman’s attorney and his financial advisor say that their client is broke because his alcoholism makes it difficult for him to get a job.

The NBA Hall of Famer is known for more than just his rebounds and defense skills. He is remembered for wearing a wedding dress to promote a book, dating Madonna and marrying Carmen Electra, as well as being a notorious partier.

The police were called to Rodman’s former home in Newport Beach 80 times, mostly to subdue parties. He illegally landed a helicopter on the beach, and his 47-foot speedboat was towed for being docked in another person’s slip in the harbor.

Dennis Rodman’s third wife, Michelle Rodman sued him for divorce in 2004. At the time, Rodman listed his previous year’s income as $570,000 and claimed $3.4 million in property and $1.45 million in stocks and bonds.

Now, he does not have a job, savings or even a checking account, said his financial advisor, Peggy Williams.

Darren Prince, Dennis Rodman’s manager, told ABCnews.com that he didn’t know how much money Rodman currently makes a year. “He’s not hurting, compared to retired athletes, with what he makes, but he’s certainly not making what he made when he was playing with the Bulls.” His main source of income comes from appearances and product endorsements.

As for his drinking problem, Prince said that he is not in a treatment program, but “he does see a counselor from time to time.”

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