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Crank up your holiday party with these essential speakers

Editorial Staff

The Holidays are upon us! Time to enjoy spending time with friends and family! It’s also a great time to listen to your favorite hits and holiday music. Fugoo offers the Go Anywhere Speakers. With 6 speaker drivers wrapped around all 4 sides you get high fidelity 360° music that you can hold in your hand. FUGOO offers 3 models of Go Anywhere Speakers and all 3 are 100% waterproof, so if it falls in the pool, it’s ok. All the speakers are also dustproof, shock proof, mud proof and snow proof.


The Fugoo Style is our smallest and lightest stylish model. The Fugoo Sport is a more active model that is perfect at the beach or pool. Fugoo Tough is the most rugged speaker Fugoo has driven a truck over it and dropped it 6’ onto concrete. Both the Sport and Tough models include the ability to mount them to bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, sport courts and even trees with optional

mount accessories. Since it’s the same core speaker inside, Fugoo offers all three Style,

Sport and Tough jackets as accessories, so you can change the look, features and ruggedness any time you want.


The  Fugoo  Speakers  can  even  party  longer  than  you  can,  offering  40  hours  of  battery  life! That is 2-­‐3 times longer than all other competitor play times, so you can just enjoy your music  and  travel  light.


The Fugoo Speakers also offer speakerphone capability so you can chat hands free with your friends and even take control with Google Now and SIRI support from the speaker for changing music, getting a sports score or setting a workout timer set from your phone or tablet.

The Fugoo audio quality is really amazing. Since Fugoo is the only one to offer dedicated tweeters (highs), Mid-­‐Woofers (mids) and Passive Radiators (bass) in this speaker size, you can hear a clarity that is exceptional for its size. It is even possible to hear instruments you can’t even hear from other speakers this size due to FUGOO’s dynamic range and 6 drivers.  The 360° audio allows everyone around the speaker to hear beautiful full music representation, while most competitive speakers only focus the audio out one way from

the speaker. Also, we noticed if you put the speaker in a corner of two walls, the side firing mid-­‐woofers will reflect off and use the walls to deliver even more bass and presence, filling the room with your favorite music.

Fugoo offers the perfect balance delivering rocking audio that fits in your hand, purse or backpack, can last several weekends on battery and Go Anywhere your life takes you!

FUGOO Style and Sport are $199.99 and FUGOO Tough is $229.99. Check out more details on FUGOO’s full product line at

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