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Xbox One's Price Cut Helps Sell Double the Consoles, But Don't Expect Another

Though Microsoft is still failing to outsell Sony’s console, the price cut Microsoft issued for the Kinectless One helped increase sales by double.

With Gamescom quickly approaching in Germany next week, gamers were hoping that Microsoft would announce yet another price cut to the Xbox One, available without a Kinect for $399.

Gamers noted that the Spanish version of Microsoft’s mobile site had the Kinectless Xbox One down 50 euros from its original price. Many American gamers hoped the discount would carry over.

However, Microsoft recently confirmed that the discount was made in error. Though the original price cut has helped the One sell double the units, Microsoft has only sold 5 million units worldwide compared to Sony’s 9 million.

What do you think? Would cutting the price down for the One even more convince you to invest?

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