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Chely Wright and wife expecting identical twins

Ted Ballantine

Wright was the first major country start to publicly come out as gay

Chely Wright, along with wife Lauren Blitzer, announced they are expecting twins in June

Chely Wright and wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright announced on Wednesday that the couple is expecting identical twins.

The announcement was made during an interview on Youtube with Howard Bragman. Chely Wright, 42, is carrying the babies, who are expected in June. Wright’s wife, Blitzer, is a 31-year-old gay rights activist and Head of Marketing at Sony Music Entertainment.

“They are due in July, but with identical twins you typically have to deliver a month early,” said Wright during the interview. “So, we’re anticipating that I will be as big as a . . . bus or A-frame house by June.”

“When gay couples have babies, it’s logistically a little different than when straight people have babies, as we all know,” Wright went on to say. “It’s been an [amazing] experience.”

Amazing, but also educational, according to Blitzer-Wright.

”Even learning about the reproductive systems and how that works … you learn so many things,” Blitzer-Wright said.

“We’re excited to be parents. We hope we don’t mess it up too badly,” Wright added. “We feel like God blessed us with twins…we feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges.”

“We’re excited to be parents,” Wright added. “We hope we don’t mess it up too badly.”

Wright married Blitzer in August 2011, a year after she (Wright) came out as gay in public. In an interview with CNN, she offered insight into her decision:

“I hit my rock bottom in 2006, when I realized no one really knew me. I had very detached relationships with human beings, and no one really knew much about me,” Wright stated. “I made the decision to come out in 2007. My life got easier the moment I decided to come out – I knew that freedom was on its way.”

Wright was the first major country star to announce her homosexuality.

Watch Wright’s baby announcement here:

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