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Wisconsin shooting suspect had history of abuse

Mackenzie Dye

Wisconsin shooting suspect killed wife and himself near Brookfield mall

The man suspected in the salon shooting was arrested before

The Wisconsin shooting of a Brookfield salon left four people dead and four injured Oct. 21, and the suspect who shot himself on the scene had a history of domestic violence, police said.

The man suspected in the Wisconsin shooting, Radcliff Franklin Haughton, opened fire at the salon where his wife, Zina Haugton, was employed, has been confirmed to be one of the victims in the shooting.

The Wisconsin shooting began with gunshots at around 11 a.m. and chaos continued as the building filled with smoke from a fire believed to have been started by Haughton. A one-pound propane tank was found, but it is unclear if this was part of Haughton’s plan or left behind by someone else. After authorities ran through the maze of treatment rooms and smoke, Haughton’s body was found, according to the Brookfield Patch. 

It is clear that Haughton had a history of domestic abuse before the Wisconsin shooting as he was arrested for slashing his wife’s tires a few weeks earlier. Haughton’s wife sought court protection four days previous to him slashing her tires, and as a result, a judge granted her a four-year restraining order Oct. 18. Haughton was also prohibited from owning a firearm, according to The Ledger.

Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus did not comment on whether Haughton surrendered any weapons before the Wisconsin shooting of the salon, but he did say they are not looking for other suspects.

“I can tell you we’re not seeking additional suspects,” he said at a news conference Sunday evening, “the community can feel safe.”

As for those injured in the Wisconsin shooting, one of the four remained in critical condition Oct. 22, while the other three are in satisfactory condition.

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