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Wes Welker misses big at Super Bowl XVLI

Editorial Staff

Wes Welker's missed catch will live on in Super Bowl history

Welker takes the blunt of the Patriots loss


Wes Welker’s dropped passed in the 4th quarter seemingly foreshadowed Sunday’s Super Bowl XVLI out come. Welker missing a pass from Tom Brady during such a crucial moment seems very much out of the norm for the wide receiver.


The failed play couldn’t have happened at a worst time for the New England Patriots. Up17-15, with a little more than four minutes left on the clock, Welker missing the ball gave the Giants the break they had needed.


“It’s one of those plays I made 1,000 times,” Welker said in a post-game interview. “The ball is right there.”

“I’ve just got to make the play. It’s a play I’ve made 1,000 times in practice and everything else. It comes to be the biggest moment of my life and I don’t come up with it. It’s discouraging.”

After the incident, Eli Manning led his team on an 88-yard drive. Had Welker caught the ball, New England could have possibly held possession of the ball long enough to have prevented Manning and the Giants from making any headway.

Sadly, Welker, one of the leagues’ most reliable and consistent wide receivers, will not soon forget his failings. The moment will surely go down in Super Bowl history as one of the worst given that the Wide Receiver was wide open, and the ball had hit his hands.

After the game Quarterback Tom Brady stood by Welker in defense stating, “I’ll keep throwing the ball to him for as long as I possibly can. … I love that guy,” reports Yahoo Sports.

While Welker is not entirely to blame for his team’s loss, given that there were a handful of plays that didn’t pan out, Welker is sadly taking much of the defeat on his shoulders.

The New York Giants went on to beat the New England Patriots 21 to 17.

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