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Weiner Trouble

Editorial Staff

Anthony Weiner during his Congressional Campaign

Disgraced politician Anthony Weiner found himself in hot water again this week for another sexting scandal. Weiner resigned from his position as New York’s Congress in 2011 after admitting he exchanged racy photos of himself with other women via phone and Internet. He apologized publicly to his wife and family and mentioned how much he regrets the actions he made.

He must’ve not been sorry enough because on Tuesday a gossip website released sexually charged conversations that Weiner had with another woman, as well as nude photos. Weiner held a press conference earlier this week and admitted that he indeed was the one involved in the conversations and pictures. His wife, Huma Abedin, stood next to him during the conference. Abedin faced a lot of criticism by the public for standing by her man despite all the online relationships he’s had with other women. Some have asked her why she puts up with him, and others say she should just leave him because he doesn’t care about their marriage or baby boy.

The woman at the center of the newest scandal is 23-year-old Sydney Leathers. The Indiana native said she loves politics and supported Weiner even after the behavior that led his resignation two years ago. Leathers said their online relationship began after his previous scandal and lasted about eight to nine months or possibly even a year.

Their main form of contact was Facebook, Twitter, email and other social media sites. They exchanged nude photos of each other, texted, emailed and had phone sex. Leathers said they spoke all the time, and they had a conversation about Weiner buying her a condo in Chicago so they could meet up. She said she fell in love with him, but once she realized who he really was, she became disgusted.

Leathers recently told Inside Edition’s Jim Moret that she would like to apologize to Weiner’s wife. She feels sorry for her part and the pain she caused. Weiner announced in May that he would be running for New York Mayor. In light of his newest scandal, his poll has drastically dropped.

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